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If there’s one thing Maryland is known for, it’s crab. Having grown up outside of Baltimore, I’m not stranger to crab- I can’t tell you how many birthdays were celebrated with a bushel of crabs steamed in the kitchen and smothered in Old Bay, with a live crab or two escaping the steam bath and skittering across the kitchen.

So when in Maryland, it only makes sense to eat crab…Especially crab cakes, where the cake is more crab and less, well, cake {aka filler}.

Within minutes of arriving in Baltimore, I headed straight for the crab cakes.

chesapeake toast

I had the pleasure of participating in both DC and Baltimore’s oh-so-welcoming rush hours. The extra hours in the car followed by both a shuttle ride and a stint on the Light Rail {not to mention a heck of walk} left me more than a little starving upon arrival.

baltimore inner harbor

Luckily I found my roommates for the weekend just as they were heading to dinner at Bo Brooks, a waterside seafood restaurant in Canton, not far from the Inner Harbor.

downtown baltimore

Instead of traditional crab cakes, I opted for something a little more interesting to mix things up a bit: Chesapeake Toast- mini crabcakes on a baguette with chipotle aioli.

rab cakes baguette at bo brooks restaurant in baltimore

They were nothing less than fabulous, despite being a little mayo-y for my liking.


mo's baltimore

Of course the Chesapeake toast whet my appetite for crab cakes, and I had to get them again the next night.

crab balls

Unfortunately this time it wasn’t the same pleasant dining experience. Unless crunching down on shell after shell in your crab balls is your thing.

It’s not mine. Dinner at Mo’s was disappointing, and leaves a tarnish on Maryland’s stellar reputation for above-the-bar cakes of crabby goodness.

Though round 2 of the crab craving failed to satisfy, at least the company did!

blogger dinner mo's baltimore

{Don’t you love when people capture awkward photos of mostly-unsuspecting victims?}