After stopping for lunch at Berry Hill, the gang headed to our friend’s farmhouse in the country.

If you ever told me I’d post something about four wheelers, catching dinner, or anything with camo, I’d have been skeptical. But you have to try something at least once before you judge it, right?

The view of the land was amazing- I knew in an instant it would be a relaxing trip, even if it was super short.


As soon as we got there, we changed into fishing gear and headed down to the pond.


You know you’re on a farm when you have to drive to the pond. 😉

country riding

Wiley immediately jumped in the pond- he was ready for a swim. 🙂

dog in pond

The other pups stayed back at the house and had a field day running around the tennis court.


Our hooks kept getting stuck in the algae instead of catching fish, so we sent two of the boys off on a paddle boat to fish in the middle of the pond. They needed a little help getting started, but Katherine gave them a good push, and they were off!


You boys better get to fishing- we’re hungry for dinner!

paddle boat

Back on the shore, Katherine caught a fish- way to show up the boys!

caught fish

This is when it started to rain. We just ignored it and got soaking wet. Fast forward a few hours later, and we had dinner!

catching dinner

Chris got to work cleaning the fish while I got the rest of dinner ready inside.

cleaning fish

We made fish tacos! I sautéed the fish and added a little taco seasoning, then set out loads of taco toppings, with some Spanish rice on the side. I also made some traditional ground beef tacos in case there wasn’t enough fish (but I didn’t eat any of those.)

mexican dinner

Since dinner was Mexican themed, I celebrated our catch with a margarita on the rocks. It was good, but boy that mix was sweet. It kind of burned my throat, although I suppose that could have been the tequila doing the burning….


After dinner Katherine and I went on a picture-taking extravaganza. It was just so beautiful- I loved being surrounded by nothing but nature. Being away from everything makes you realize how much “noise” you’re surrounded by in a city- even in a neighborhood there’s always background noise- cars, planes, people yelling, lawn mowers…. Here it was just quiet, except for the occasional barking dog and the croaking bull frogs. 🙂 Here are some of my pictures from the weekend.


Remember the puppy we found on the side of the road?  We left her at the house with some food, water, and blankets, but she found us down at the pond fishing and decided to take a nap in the rain.

sleeping puppy

And then laid down under the table as we ate dinner. Think we found a new friend? 🙂


I have a feeling if no one claims her David & Ashley might have a new pet. Since she was hanging out with us we had to give her a name. So meet Sassy 🙂 [As in sweet sassy molassey, we found a dog!]

After dinner the husband took me on a ride on the four wheeler- it was my first time on a four wheeler and it was awesome!! I loved how fast we could zip through the woods- I’m glad I wasn’t driving though. 😉 We came back covered head to toe in mud. It was awesome.

four wheeling

The husband and his friends come up here all the time for “boys weekends”, and I’m never jealous that he gets to go and I don’t….but next time I might be. 😉