It’s coffee talk day; a day to virtually catch up on the random happenings of life that don’t always make it into a blog post or daily conversation.

coffee date

That means if we were sitting down having coffee together, here’s what I’d tell you:

20140402_073914 (500x375)

//My beyond-early riser has been doing his version of sleeping in this week and it’s phenomenal. I’m actually sitting here typing this with a hot cup of coffee.


//A third of the staff {the real employees not the writers} at the company I write for were laid off last month. Hundreds of people were left unexpectedly without jobs and those that remain are left wondering for how long. I miss working with my fabulous editor; how she pushed me to make my pieces better and my angles unique.

//Yesterday I attended the 4th Women’s Leadership Summit hosted by the Junior League of Greensboro, an organization most of you know I love. I was selected as one of five women to participate in the launch year of a leadership development program called Climb365, where we’ll each be following our dreams for 365 days and sharing our progress with the world on the Climb365 blog. I’ll probably be asking for your support {aka to read} along the way. Our first entries went live yesterday as they announced the participants.

//Oh and Jenna Bush Hager spoke at the Summit. NBD.

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//I’d probably also tell you, but maybe not because I like denial, that my knee hurts. I’m trying to build strength in my legs so I can stay uninjured this time around, but those exercises hurt my knee. Hmmph. It’s a rough cycle. But baby steps.

//In exactly one month I’ll be heading for out for a girls weekend with some of my best friends and sorority sisters from college. I’m not going to tell you how long we’ve been friends now because that’d let you do the math and figure out that we’re actually getting old. Speaking of, I roll into the next decade the week we get back.

So that’s my early Saturday morning ramblings. What would you talk about over coffee?