Long time no chat.

I’ve been busy doing that crazy dance that is balancing all things life: soaking up time with my three year old in his last weeks of being my only baby, trying to get ahead {or at least not behind} on work so I’m not panicking when baby gets here {35 weeks!}, attempting to get ready for said baby, and crossing my fingers that we can finish up renovating our basement before we have a newborn in the house {because it’s LOUD!}.

I guess I sort of summed up everything life right there, but here’s a mini-picture-dump to go along with it.

// First and foremost, Halloween. Holidays, like everything, are so much fun at this age. KB has been asking for Halloween since early September and was thrilled when it finally got here. He changed his mind on Halloween costumes umpteen thousand times and ended up going with a “superhero construction guy”, which turned out to be a generic superhero with lighting bolts and a “K”. {<—that’s what you get for giving a kid choices.}

halloween 2015 preschool

We celebrated Thursday morning at school with the annual Halloween parade and that evening at a local farm “Tractor + Treat”, which really turned out to be mostly treat. But the tractors were KB’s fave.

Saturday we trick or treated for the first time in our new neighborhood.

// Basement. It’s rare for houses in NC to have basements because of the hard clay ground, so when you find one, you scoop it up. It was pretty much the deciding factor for us choosing this house. We thought about waiting awhile to finish it but ultimately thought it’d make more sense to do it pre-2-kids. Unfortunately we’re cutting it pretty close, but hopefully we’ll be able to wrap most of it up in time.

// Fun at three. You can strangle me for once again saying how much I love this age. I have to say it as much as possible before things change! While I have a thousand technically “more important” things to do {deadlines, etc.}, my truly most important thing is hanging out with this kid before he has to share his fill of the attention. He’s such a goofball.

fun with three year old

// Eating lately. One day I will actually post a recipe again. If only that didn’t involve taking pictures – I’ve yet to figure out the terrible lighting in this house and we’ve been diving straight into dining before I can do more than snap a picture on my phone {which you can often find on Instagram.} Here’s a glimpse at what we’ve been chowing down on:

healthy recipes

// New things. Speaking of eating, I love finding new dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free products! {It’s a tall order sometimes.} I haven’t tried these yet but I love knowing they exist and the product market is growing.

gluten free dairy free foods

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