Oh coffee how I love thee. In hindsight I probably should have started a blog about coffee instead of fitness because the coffee sure seems to be getting a lot more action these days. I miiiight be guilty of stopping by Starbucks for something ice cold a little too frequently lately.

Anyways, Coffee Date time! How did it get to be July already? I know it’s been 1000 degrees the past few weeks but seriously, where’d June get to?

// Pretty much everything is revolving around not melting in this crazy heat and getting our new house ready – hopefully we will be able to move in and get settled in a few weeks.

new homeowners

// We ended June by celebrating our EIGHTH wedding anniversary. We’ve been together for over a decade and no, I don’t feel old enough to have actualyl said that. We went to dinner at a local Thai place – not anything fancy but something we’ve talked about doing for years, only to be highly disappointed by the Pad Thai. Enter sad face here. They didn’t even have mangoes with sticky rice!

8 year wedding anniversary

// I have been so, so terrible at getting to the gym since we’ve moved. More about that another time, but I finally caved and decided to succumb to the workout DVD and power of streaming. Barre3 and Piyo it is.

// We’ve been spending a lot of time on bikes. Or more accurately, KB has been on his bike and I’ve been chasing behind him. As in so much so that you may not see a picture of him without a helmet on for the rest of eternity. Most of the time it’s at dawn and in our PJs because, well, hotter than hot hot hot.

bike ridingtoddler bike riding

// Maybe I’m just old, but I don’t get Snapchat {I’m sideofseakers btw} I mean, I understand how it works but I seem to be missing the point. You can’t interact with anyone and stuff just goes away anyways. Periscope {oh hey, also sideofsneakers, shocker} on the other hand, I think could be a good one, even though I hate videos.


Annnnd today is the husband’s birthday, which means there are Funfetti cupcakes in my futre. Hope you all enjoy his fireworks. Winking smile