Some random thoughts I would throw out at you if we were having coffee this morning:

//I’m typing this on phone because that’s the only way things ever happen around here.

//Can it be fall yet please? I’m obsessed with fall whether and I’d like it to hurry up and get here so it can stick around awhile before winter rolls in.

//It’s almost consignment time at KB’s school. In order to prevent the last minute scramble that inevitably happens, I’ve been hanging, tagging, and sorting for what feels like weeks now. Can’t wait to get this stuff out if my house. Here’s to hoping I sell more than I end up buying.

//Looking at social media Saturday and Sunday mornings make me desperately wish I was training for a race. Unfortunately I’m in no shape to jump in that bandwagon right now. Maybe I should pick something to get me motivated…

//Girls weekend next week. #thankgoodness

//fave instagrams of the month: