I’m home alone without a child for the next hour.

For the first time in a month and a half.


Actually, yes I do. EVERYTHING. Work, write, eat, shower, breathe, read, relax, work, what?

I’m mostly doing the responsible thing and working but my brain needed a little break, so I’m popping over here. Whoever thought it was a good idea not to send the toddler to summer school without cutting back on work was an idiot. And yeah, that was me.

It’s ok. We’re mostly having lots of fun. This week has been a little rough because I’m extra tired for whatever reason and most of our friends are gone for the holiday, but that just means today’s kid-free break is all the much more welcomed.


coffee date

Do you know why I secretly love coffee talk days? It gives me an excuse to look at old Instagram pictures. Winking smile It’s pretty much the only way I can remember what’s happened in the past month.

instagram faves june

1// The Kynado discovered the existence of imposter Raffi the 2nd, a duplicate backup lovey in case he ever got so attached he couldn’t sleep without him and we lost the original. The world only slightly collapsed for a few minutes and then he put his first major life lesson behind him.

2// I made it to spin for the first time in, umm, a loooong time. A gym-hating toddler means I rarely make it to a class, but somehow, someway the stars aligned and he not only went into the childcare without tears, he managed to stay the whole time. If only I could bottle up the magic formula that made it happen and use it on repeat.

3// The fastest of fast, easy dinners. Zucchini ribbon noodles with shrimp, sundried tomatoes, oil, garlic, and white wine. I should probably write about my love affair with my spiralizer because every time I post a picture of zoodles I get questions about it. I’ll put that on my non-existent summer to-do list that never gets anything checked off of it.

4// Seriously. Babies and bubbles, what better entertainment can you ask for?

5// NACHOoooos. Seriously addicted. I think I went through a two-week phase where I ate them every.single.day for lunch. Black beans, roasted peppers, jalapenos, chipotle hot sauce, cilantro, and “cheese” made of either Daiya havarti and coconut milk, or blended cashews and red peppers. There’s a lot of things I’ve had to cut out of my diet but nachos will never be one of them.

6// The husband and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary this week. SEVEN years. That’s like almost an eternity. I can think of very few things I’ve liked consistently for seven years straight. Luckily, he’s one of them. This picture was from a friend’s wedding at the beach last year. I love that we share an anniversary. Smile {Apparently when you have a child and aka no time, one of the arbitrary things to go is writing about your anniversary… 3 years // 4 years // 5&6 never happened.}

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