The thing about “maternity leave” when you’re self-employed is that it doesn’t really exist. It’s just uber-prioritizing so you get what you HAVE to have done, don’t lose your sanity, and still get baby snuggles. So yeah. That’s where I’ve been – baby snuggling {and doing the work I really have to do…which is not this}. This actually started as Coffee Talk // March, but here it is May and I’m just getting back to it…  I’ll try not to make it ALL baby-related.

self employed maternity leave

// But might as well get the baby stuff out of the way. He’s 3 months 5 months old and just as sweet as can be. You can read the baby details over on tiny sneakers, but the main reason there hasn’t been any new recipe-related content here is that I had to do an elimination diet to help pinpoint babe #2’s food allergies. Luckily this wasn’t my first rodeo and I handled it much better this time. Needless to say though, my food was not share-worthy for awhile there. {Although I have been refreshingly reminded that sometimes simple is just as good, if not better, than elaborate when it comes to food.}

// Ok I said I wouldn’t make it all baby but now I’m realizing I pretty much don’t have anything else going on in my life…

// I’ve made it to a couple Pure Barre classes and some Burn Bootcamp pop-ups, but since I can only go on the weekends when I have childcare it’s not making for a very consistent work out routine. I keep saying I’m going to start doing Barre 3 and/or 21 Day Fix Extreme at home but I keep not doing it. There goes the fitness and the food of this food and fitness blog…

burn bootcamp workout

// KB is playing baseball for the first time this spring. He loves it and I love watching it. I thought it was crazy talk when I heard it was coach-pitch baseball even at the four-year-old level but you’d be amazed how often they can whack the ball. I wish it wasn’t over so soon.

baseball 4 years old

// We went SWIMMING last week. As in outside. In APRIL. Ok, KB went swimming, I watched precariously from the edge holding a baby hoping he’d remember how to swim. The pool opened the first weekend of April then we had at least 3 freezes so the water temperature was less than stellar…but the 80 degree days were just calling us to dip our toes in the pool. {aaaand now it’s 48 degrees as I type and I’m wearing a hoodie…}

swimming in april

// One of the benefits of being self-employed is getting to control your own time. Last week we used that time to go tour a local brewery with out of town friends, and yeah, we brought the kids. {In our defense the brewery was closed and our friend is the brewer.} The beer was insanely good and KB thought the big brewing tanks were awesome. If you’re local, get your butt down to Brown Truck Brewery, you won’t be disappointed!

brewery tourbrown truck brewingleftover hops brewing beer

// I hated Snapchat when I first joined but I did it because you know, keeping up with the times and all. I eventually deleted it from my phone but I added it back now that you can actually chat back to people and it’s kind of my new favorite. Does that make me old? {Psst. Snapchat –> sideofsneakers} Also, I’m doing this month’s fitness and nutrition bootcamp using Snapchat and it’s going to be epic. Yeah, I said it.

// Tomorrow’s my birthday. I’m turning 27. *wink*

funfetti cinnamon rolls

// Reading all that nothingness was totally worth your time this Saturday am, wasn’t it?

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