There are so many things I could write about right now, but what should be a coffee talk snippet and what should I save for a real post? Oh real post you say? Ha. Those are as rare as unicorns jumping over rainbows these days. So snippets it is.

//We moved. 6 weeks before we closed I was out of town at a baby shower when I got the call. It wasn’t on the market yet but somehow we’d managed to sell it. Fast forward a month and a half and our house belongs to someone else and my inlaws have graciously adopted us for the time being.

goodbye house

So house hunting and living out of boxes. That’s the theme of the month.

//Since it’s winter/almost spring in NC, it means snow one day, warm sunshine the next. Unpredictable yes, but I love it. The best way to have cold weather is to sprinkle it in with sunshine.

snow days in nc

That being said, our last month included two weeks of missed school (and basically the entire city shut down because we don’t do snow in the south) peppered with a gorgeous, 70+ degree that makes up for all the gray skies everywhere.

sunshine in march

//I haven’t been to a barre class in two weeks because of snow days and moving logistics and I can more than tell. Don’t tell anyone but I plan on cheating on our local studio with online barre3 classes.

//I keep calling my little guy a “toddler” but he’s not anymore. “Preschooler” just doesn’t roll off the tongue the same way.

//I finally jumped on yet another teenage bandwagon and started reading The Hunger Games. We caught the first movie on tv one night and it was actually really good. I like to read books before movies so this is a little backwards but I needed more details than the movie gave. Also, Katniss and I share a birthday. Word.

//That’s all I got. Can you tell what life is about right now? Snow. Moving. Snow. Moved.


Happy Weekend Smile