Woaaah. It’s MAY. Time for another little morning chat: coffee date

If we were having coffee this morning, here’s what I’d blabber to you about:

//It wasn’t the best week in toddlerhood-land. I may have called the husband and bartered my evening out for him coming home from work early. I never even once did that during newborn colicky reflux days, so that’s saying a lot. I ended up surviving on my own but just admitting defeat felt pretty good.

//I have two girls trips this month {and this year probably;)} and especially after the past few weeks with said toddler antics, I’m super super excited and grateful.

//The doctor said I could probably get away with “slipping” occasionally on gluten {but not dairy} without feeling bad now. I did, and when I say I did, I DID. Forget overboard, I went straight off the deepend and it was bad, bad news.

//Some of my favorite April photos a la Instagram.

favorite instagrams april

1. Dairy-free, gluten-free fro-yo at TCBY, made with Silk Almond milk. Word on the street is coconut is coming soon. woohoo! 2. A fave staple dinner {and lunch}, sweet potato chicken patties. Recipe coming next time I make them and don’t consume them before photographing for real. 3. One of the toddler’s favorite lines, “Where’d it go?!” 4. So so grateful for my wonderful friends who can make a bad day good in half a second. 5. My favorite buddy in the whole wide world, blowing bubbles on Easter. 6. Picking wildflowers {aka weeds} – it’s the little things that make life sweet.

What’ve you been up to?

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