In 43 days I’ll be riding my bike for 24 hours.

My goal? A 100 mile ride.

Last year at 24 Hours of Booty, I rode just over 50 miles. I was on a clunky bike and was only 2 months out from injuring my knee.

24 hours of booty bike ride: begin

This year, I’ll be on a speedy bike, and a year and 2 months out from a knee injury. {Let’s ignore the fact that that’s still an issue at all.}

24 hours is plenty of time for a century ride– it’s just a matter of putting in the time on the bike. 24 Hours of Booty is unique since it’s a shorter loop that you ride continuously over the span of a full night and day. There’s time to stop and rest, and eat meals {my favorite part}. There’s even a little time to sleep.

bike century ride training

100 miles still isn’t a short distance, even with plenty of stops in between. It definitely calls for a training plan. So here we go:

Century Training Plan

Week Sun Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri Sat
6/12 12 36
6/19 10 8 14 17 14 42
6/26 13 9 15 19 15 48
7/3 14 17 21 17 53
7/10 16 17 24 17 62
7/17 18 17 25 17 65
7/24 18 15 17 25 10


Traditionally when you train for a century or other length bike ride, you would mix up the workouts to include a variety of paces and drills, such as easy, pace, brisk, hill, etc. But since I’m a new rider and my goal is just to cover the distance, not time, I’m sticking with straight rides.

24 hour bike ride event

{For those of you used to looking at running training plans, it’s not as much mileage as it looks like- 12 miles on a bike is nothing like 12 miles on foot.}

As when making any training schedule, I’ll be rearranging rides to fit my schedule and account for weather. {i.e. I will not be riding 65 miles in 98 degrees. Call me a wimp if you feel the need to do so.}

Guess it’s time to get on that bike…


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Have you ever done a long distance bike ride or race? Any advice for training?