Thursday Things // Starting Summer

Thursday Things // Starting Summer

It took me forever to title this post because I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what day it was. I spent the first half of the week thinking it was almost the weekend and the second half thinking it must be closer to Monday. As long as I keep my deadlines straight I’m perfectly ok with not having any clue what day it is. C’est la summer. Anyways. I have so many posts in drafts but since I rarely get to my actual computer {or more accurately, rarely does it work in the moments I have on it} those drafts are doing me little good. Sooo here’s a little catch up post of things that have been happening lately. A little glimpse at every day life. * First and foremost, we found a house!! These past few months of transition and ‘not knowing’ have been rough on me. I’m not 100% in love with the house yet but being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel has been amazing for my mental health and sanity. Right now it’s just a house we picked out of thin air, but I know soon we’ll be able to make it a home –our home- and I can’t wait. house paint colors

* My little guy has been a trooper through all of this. I’m so proud of him. Three can be a tough age but he is so so much fun. Summer has only just started and we’ve pretty much done nothing at all but I love just hanging out with him. I’m soaking up all of the days with a nearly empty to-do list before things get a little crazy next week with moving, painting, and projects.

three year old

* I had a hard time figuring out how to fit my exercise routine into our new daily life when we moved. We’re about 25 minutes from everything we used to do and trying to figure out how to balance everything and make it all work without dragging the kiddo around all day long was tougher than it should have been. It’s still a work in progress but I’m moving in the right direction. The three year old still protests gym childcare with a vengeance {but we’re working on it} and it’s nearly 100 degrees outside already {literally}, so I’ve been turning to Pure Barre and at-home workouts to get me through. I’ve been toying with the idea of seeing if a different gym will give us a better experience but I love my gym {and the price} so I haven’t made anything near an actual decision yet. I’ve put in a request for our new place to have a little room for some workout videos without kicking fans and coffee tables – we’ll see how that goes. pure barre

* I tried to get KB in swim lessons before summer but all the classes were full. I finally got him in some classes across town but it’s worth it. Plus they’re indoors which is nice because we don’t have to worry about it being hot or slathering on sunscreen. He used to love the water but over the winter decided he was against it if it had anything to do with his face or head. He’s enthusiastic yet resistant. My goal for the end of the two-week lessons is for him to just put his face in the water already! {Which he had no hesitations about last year!} preschool swim lessons preschool swim lessons

* I’ve been using these hot summer days as an excuse to test out all the different ways to use Starbucks’ coconut milk in iced and frozen concoctions. Some are winners; others not so much. {Spoiler alert: frapps are winners, lattes & macchiatos are not.}

* For probably the 100th thousandth time, I love working from home. Especially during the summer, despite the sometimes craziness that goes along with it. So so grateful.

That’s all for now. 🙂

Don’t Let Allergies Stop You

This allergy post is sponsored by GSK Flonase.

Allergies may not sound like a big deal, but if you’re an allergy sufferer you know how annoying and disruptive they can be. It can be hard to face the sunshine, as beautiful as it is after a long, dreary winter, knowing that what comes with it are blooming flowers, pollinating trees, and growing grass – all contributors to seasonal allergies.


I used to hide inside waiting for the season to pass, but here in NC that season doesn’t seem to ever want to end. I’d wait for the pollen to stop collecting on the cars and pooling in the sidewalk after a rain. I’d wait until the rain was pouring down to venture outside, hoping it’d keep some of the pollen at bay, instead of in my nose. But with an allergy season that seems to drag on and on here, that just isn’t possible.


So I make the best of it and don’t let allergies stop me from doing what I love – being outside, running in the fresh air, and playing in the grass with my son. The trick is to avoid peak pollen times, and treat daily when symptoms start.

To prepare our family for fighting allergy season, we keep our sheets, towels, and rugs extra clean, leave our shoes close to the door so we don’t track pollen in, and make sure we keep up our intake of fruits and veggies so we stay as healthy as possible.


To make sure we can fit in our outside time without paying the consequence for too much pollen, I check the pollen count on my weather app before heading outside. We usually stick to early mornings (especially if it’s for a run) when pollen count tends to be lower around here. If it’s an extremely high pollen day, we opt for an indoor activity or something that doesn’t keep us outside for too long. As soon as we come inside, we rinse off – washing hands and faces to help keep the pollen at bay.


Flonase® Allergy Relief (fluticasone propionate 50 mcg per spray), now available over-the-counter, is changing the way allergies are treated by delivering original prescription strength treatment without a prescription. Click here to learn how you can #BeGreater than your allergies.

Disclosure: GSK compensated me in connection with the statements in this post. Compensation was provided by GSK Flonase via Mode Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of GSK Flonase.

Gluten Sensitivity Isn’t Real

For those of you that have non-Celiac gluten sensitivity or are just interested in the gluten-free phenomenon {or whatever you want to call it}, here’s an interesting article about a study that shows gluten sensitivity doesn’t exist.

As most people with a gluten intolerance or sensitivity would agree, it doesn’t really matter what the science says. It matters what you say. If you eat gluten and feel crappy, then not eating gluten makes sense, right?

gluten sensitivity

Whether it’s because you’re actually sensitive to gluten, have a cross-reaction with something else, or are really feeling better because cutting down on gluten happens to cut down on the processed foods you’re eating, it doesn’t really matter as long as you’re making a change for the better.

I’d still like to see how the science plays out, as well as a study that looks beyond digestive symptoms since the possibilities go much, much deeper than stomach upset, but it’s still an interesting read nonetheless.

What are your thoughts?

{For the record, I think gluten sensitivity does exist.}

Coffee Questions

Witty title, I know.

It’s no secret that two of my favorite beverages are coffee and wine. I am for real not exaggerating when I say some days those are the only liquids I drink. I am horrible about drinking fluids and staying hydrated. Unless of course it’s providing something more, like caffeine. {Although my addiction to decaf coffee is exactly the same.}

I’ve got the wine part of the discussion covered. It’s on the 90+Cellars blog today.

easter foods & wine

I share one of my first wine-tasting experiences where it’s obvious I know exactly nothing and then maybe-sort-of what I’ve learned since then and some of my recommendations for some not-so-traditional Easter recipes. Go check it out. Then come back.

Time to talk about my other love, coffee.


My switch to the Keurig was a slow one. Yes, a cup of coffee in under two minutes is a wonderful thing, but I was hesitant to commit to the switch. We drink a lot of coffee in this house. Plus we already had an instant single cup machine {there just weren’t many pods available} that we rarely used because who only needs one cup of coffee?

I was first swayed by the Keurig’s appeal when I won a mini-Keurig. It didn’t totally win me over, but then I worked with Keurig on a local campaign and I reluctantly fell in love. There’s just something about the magic of already hot water that produces a cup of hot, steaming coffee with a push of a button. I love that it’s always hot without having to sit on a burner for an hour or being reheated in the microwave.

coffee to go

But here’s the thing. I like a good, strong cup of coffee. Kind of how I like my wine. Full-bodied, bold. Dark roast. It’s hard to find in a K-cup. Now I’ve found my favorites for sure, but still. {Favorites by the way are Tully’s and Brooklyn Beans.} It’s hard to find a bold decaf. Those just don’t seem to be something that go together in coffee world. And it’s hard to find good bold, dark roasts in the more affordable options. Sure, between Amazon, Costco, and Aldi I find cups at pretty fair prices, but by the time you drink, oh, three cups a day per person, it adds up. You might as well hike on down to the coffee shop and get a real cup of fresh, bold roast coffee.

Plus, the last little thing {which should be higher on my list of concerns but truthfully isn’t} what about the hot water streaming through the disposable plastic material over and over and over?


All these things add up to using reusable filters, but here’s where I don’t get it. None of the ones I’ve tried have worked. Some don’t have holes on the bottom and you’d literally have to slam the lid down to puncture through the plastic. Or they don’t hold the right amount of your own coffee to make a cup taste any good, even if you use the smallest setting.  Or maybe I’m just doing it all wrong.

So tell me. How do you make a good cup of coffee in a Keurig with a resusable cup? What cup do you use and what’s the secret? Is the only non-plastic cup I’ve seen on the market worth it? Seriously, I know this is lame, but coffee is important stuff. Spill the beans! Or I’m going to have to re-buy an old-fashioned coffee pot. Winking smile

PS I finally did a two year old update for the kynado. It’s on tiny sneakers today.


So this little blog thing here has done at lot for me over the past few years. It let me work through some stuff I otherwise would’ve complained a lot about to my family and friends {though don’t be mistaken, they got their fair earful}. It presented me with some really cool opportunities I wouldn’t have gotten to experience under other circumstances.  And it got me {one of} the job{s} I have today, which allows me to spend a huge portion of my time with my rowdy two year old. {I can complain all I want about how hard that is, but I really wouldn’t want it any other way.}

la video shootadidas women's training gig

This blog goes and gives me all this good mojo, and what do I in return? Turn my back on it. I’ve more than a little bit abandoned my original internet baby in favor of taking care of my actual baby {fair, right?} along with other people’s internet babies. And though I get paid to do things for the other people’s internets, it’s not fair that my own webchild doesn’t get a little love too.

running shoes

The problem is this is a food and fitness blog. Only there isn’t a ton of fitness going on right now {I’m in PT for an old, stubborn knee injury and recovering from 3 fractured ribs} and the food part, although happening, isn’t what you’d call blog worthy. {Food blogging actually takes up an insanely ridiculous amount of time that you’d never imagine possible.}

I learned a long time ago that if you want your blog to be your business you have to treat it like one; you have to treat it like a brand.

Well right now I don’t want to have a brand. I don’t want to be cornered into a certain niche. I don’t need ONLY food and fitness things to fill this space. I don’t need ONLY baby, toddler, and mom things to fill that space. Well, I kind of do. But somewhere in between the two there has to be room for just me.

I don’t need rebranding, I just need room for a fresh perspective. So for awhile you might see things on here that you don’t really give two cents about. What I write may benefit you in no way at all. But it might benefit me and my blogbaby by just giving myself some {{{{{{{{{{                  space                }}}}}}}} to put stuff. Words, pictures, ideas, thoughts, moments, or nothing at all. Whatever.


So one day I might be able to tell you about the guy that’s been sticking needles in my leg for the past month, leaving me screaming in agony yet putting a smile on my face because for the first time in 4 years I can run almost 2 minutes pain-free, or I might decide to let you in on the secret that I might be the only person in the entire world to not think Breaking Bad is the


So yeah. End post of nothing.


But first links. There’s always reading to be done. Smile



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