12 Comforting Paleo Casseroles

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I don’t know about you, but when it’s cold and dreary and gray outside all I want to eat are warm, comforting, indulgent foods. The gooey-er and creamier the better.

Only when you don’t eat dairy, the gooey-creamy factor drops significantly. Same can be said when you don’t eat pasta. But it doesn’t have to be that way – over the course of a few years of creative eating, we’ve stumbled upon a few favorites that satisfy the comfort factor without needed the dairy or gluten. Of course, I could always use a few more winter go-tos. Here are a few Paleo {aka fits our gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free family requirements} casseroles that sound like they’d fit the bill.

paleo casseroles

Sneak peak of what’s included:

  • Blueberry French Toast Casserole {yes please}
  • Creamy Spaghetti Squash Chicken Casserole
  • Spicy Southwestern Casserole
  • Broccoli and Chicken Casserole


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Check out 12 Comforting Paleo Casseroles

by Heather at Foodie.com

Do you have a favorite Paleo casserole?

13 Healthy After School Snacks {Paleo}

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13 paleo after school snacks

Labor Day is right around the corner, meaning my new favorite holiday of the year is just about here: back to school.

Kidding, kidding. Sort of.

While plenty of kids loaded up their backpacks and filled their lunch boxes last week, my little guy doesn’t start school until after Labor Day. I’ve spent the weekend getting his cups and lunchboxes labeled, hunting down his backpack from last year, and gathering classroom supplies. Though I’m going to be a bit sad to walk away while he stays behind in his classroom to play, I’m excited for him to start preschool.

Judging from previous years {and every day in the life of the Kynado} that means I’ll need extra snacks on hand more than ever. Nothing like playing hard at school all day to work up an appetite.

I’ve rounded up 13 healthy after-school snacks to keep your little {and big} guys and gals going after a long day at school. Because it’s so popular {and helps us with our allergies}, I chose snacks that also happen to be paleo, meaning they’re also gluten free and dairy free. The last thing kids need to keep energized and nourished is a bunch of junk and sugar.

So here you go, from homemade fruit leather to paleo graham crackers, you’re sure to find an after school snack your kiddos will love.

Check out 13 Healthy After School Snacks {Paleo}

by Heather at Foodie.com

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See also: 12 Back to School Lunches & Easy Back to School Snacks.


I’ve got a post up on tiny sneakers about our favorite preschool lunch supplies too, so be sure to check it out if you’re packing snacks and lunches to go.

What’s your favorite easy & healthy after school snack?

14 Fab Summer Recipes for Outdoor Dining

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Our little family of three celebrated the long weekend by breaking out the grill and kicking off summer in true American fashion. While it certainly wasn’t the first time we’ve grilled this year, it felt like the first time as it was a rare occasion when the toddler took a good nap and was able to stay up and {be pleasant enough} to have dinner with us.

I have to admit, our meal was a home run. We grilled fish for fish tacos, veggies, and corn on the cob. {Have you tried grilling corn on the cob? It’s delicious.} The toddler dug right in.

It got us excited for a summer filled with grilling and outdoor dining on the porch, one of our favorite places to enjoy meals and drinks. The standard favorites are always good options: grilled chicken, fish, burgers, etc., but sometimes it’s a little more fun to get creative. Here are a couple ideas to get your grill-juices flowing, plus some other fun ideas for outdoor dining that don’t involve the grill or even any cooking at all. {Homemade freezer pops anyone?!}

Check out 14 Fab Summer Recipes for Outdoor Entertaining

by Heather at Foodie.com


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What are your favorite things to grill? Feel free to leave a link to your favorite recipe or pin.

12 Cocktails & Sweets for Mother’s Day Brunch

What makes for a perfect Mother’s Day Brunch? Cocktails and sweets, of course!

Usually there’s only one foodie-type holiday a month. New Years. Valentine’s. St. Patty’s. Thanksgiving.  You get the idea.

mother's day brunch

But May has a multitude: Mother’s Day, my birthday, Memorial Day… Oh, my birthday isn’t on your list? 😉

We start the month off honoring moms with breakfasts, brunches, and lunches, and we close May out with the official kick off to summer. Although I wouldn’t mind if summer just kicked itself off now, with open pools and fired up grills. The 90 degrees can hold off though.

Anyways, what better way to honor mom than giving her a shift off of meal prep? {Ok, perhaps a weekend off or {amd?} a massage would top that.} But let’s at least start with a nice breakfast. Better yet, brunch, so mom can sleep in. {ha.}

Here are are 12 of my favorite brunch-esque recipes that would be perfect for Mother’s Day, or any special occasion. From scones to cinnamon rolls and even some {ok a lot of} brunch-appropriate cocktails, here you go!

Visit the collection above on Foodie to find the sources and recipes!


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How are you celebrating Mother’s Day?