Packages That Make You Go “Squeeee!”

What if we lived in a world where goodies could magically appear on your doorstep every month?

Oh wait.

We do.


I’m pretty sure the trend started with beauty products {something I know nothing about} and the concept has since exploded into everything imaginable. It’s like a hip version of the fruit of the month club {although I certainly wouldn’t turn down fruit on my doorstep every month either.}

Of course I’m a fan of the food and health product based boxes, but this one might be my favorite so far. Workout clothes. In a box. On my doorstep.

No shopping around, no going to the store, no cheap-o gear. I’m a Target girl through and through. My workout drawer{s} consist of almost entirely Champion C9 gear. I have 2 Lulu pieces I adore, a pile of race shirts, and that’s about it.

Plus it came in a pretty package.

PV.Body sends you a workout outfit every month: one top, one bottom. Brands they work with include Lululemon, American Apparel, Lux, and more. The outfits retail for up to $150, yet the monthly subscription cost is only $49.95. Ok, “only” is a stretch- that’s still a chunk of change when you can get a couple pieces for that amount at your local super store, but it’s not apples to apples.

I was a little disappointed when I first opened my shiny pink package. The pieces I received were from Electric Yoga, a company I’d never heard of, and I’m not a yoga fan. I’d seen Instagram pics of people receiving Lulu and American Apparel, so that’s kind of what I was expecting. But then I tried them on and was admittedly swayed by the quality and fit of both pieces. I received the Compression Capris in black and the Seamless Racer Back Tank in a bright turquoise blue. {The tank is $68; not sure about the pants since they’re out of stock online.} Plus, the tank has it’s own QR code, which is pretty cool.

workout clothes from pv body

I LOVE the tank- it’s stretchy and soft and supportive all at the same time. It fits tightly, yet still breathes. The pants are pretty cool, but I probably wouldn’t have pined over them in the store. They’re really thick and suck you in all the right places- exactly like compression gear is supposed to do- and have a cute fold-over waist. I love that they’re black since I tend to wear workout pants over and over again. Winking smile I would probably be more inclined to love these if it were warmer out- right now I’m just itching for a pair of long pants and long sleeves to bundle up in. {Can’t you see me shivering in the awkward self portrait below? And you’d think I’d be used to those after 36 weeks worth of doing them…}

pv body workout clothes monthly delivery service

Speaking of that… you’re not just sent a random box of clothes. You take a style quiz online before placing your order. You can change it any time you want {you can also pause or cancel your subscription any time} and returns & exchanges are free and easy. For whatever reason, the quiz I took asked many of my preferences, but didn’t ask what style pants/tops I like. I looked at the quiz online and I could easily select long pants in the winter and shorts in the summer. Good to know!

pv body workout clothes

I think it’s a pretty cool concept, especially for someone who is usually hesitant to fork over a lot of money for one piece of gym wear. But considering I wear workout gear 93.7% of the time, you’d think I could stand to wear something a little nicer once in awhile.

pv body review

Easy peasy lemon squeezy: pvBody is easy. Take the quiz, sign up and boom, an awesome package arrives at your door each month with a hand picked outfit for you!

Every outfit is styled just for you by a pvBody expert. Each month you receive an outfit worth $150, but you pay just $49.95. You’re getting great, quality pieces for a fraction of the retail cost thanks to the relationships pvBody has built.

pvBody is not just another clothing company, but a lifestyle brand. Their blog is a great place to check out tips and tricks for healthy, delicious meals and at home workouts.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of pv.body. The opinions and text are all mine. <—except for the gibberishy paragraphs above

The good news for you? –> Signing up for pvBody with this link gets you a $15 Lululemon gift card, plus 25% off your first month subscription.


What type of “box” would you go for? Food? Fitness gear? Beauty products? Books? Video games? Baby stuff?

Lace Up for the Cure. Plus Coffee Woes.

This morning has been one of those days where a ton of tiny stupid things go wrong and make you appreciate that at that moment the biggest problem in your life is something so insignificant you just have to laugh about it.

{And how do you not laugh when you have this little dude to look at everyday?} –>

goofy baby with spoons

Like the fresh loaf of lemon blueberry zucchini bread that was waiting for me to make that early morning wake up call just a little bit more palatable. Only I trudged into the kitchen, eyes half-closed, to discover that it had traded the fresh-baked, citrus-y scent for one of unmistakable fermentation. I guess “slightly underbaked” + lack of salt speeds up the rotting process?

Like the fact that I can’t figure out how to change the white balance on my point and shoot to save my life. Yes, I’ve read the manual. The buttons don’t exist.

Like this giant empty coffee mug.


Minutes ago it was filled with warm, delicious half-caf coffee. And my phone.

Yeah. It recently survived a quick shower in beer, and now it’s decided to take a full-fledged dunk in coffee. It doesn’t seem to be faring well so far. Let’s hope rice has the magical powers everyone claims it does. {Does wild rice count? That’s all I had.}

Of course I had actually knocked out a blog post on the too-hard-to-type-accurately-keyboard on my phone, a once in a blue moon occurrence. {Did you know there really is a blue moon this week? Tomorrow!}

Said well-thought-out blog post is gone. So you get this instead.

It’s actually the perfect opportunity for me to review an awesome assortment of fitness gear I received from New Balance at the beginning of the summer and keep failing to write about. I saw the collection on sale on Zulilly this morning before my phone took it’s potentially fatal swim, which reminded me how long this has been on my to do list.

I contemplated giving you a video review of one of the items because that’d really be the best way to get it all out there, but that’s just fueled my passion for procrastination. {Have to shoot video, have to figure out how to shoot video of myself, have to learn how to edit video, have to talk on camera? Hmm. Yeah, you get the point.}

So without further rambling, here’s a look at my summer fitness wear, from New Balance’s “Lace Up For the Cure” line, which supports Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. They’re a key sponsor in this year’s 3-Day Komen walk events. You all know I love a good charity, so I love that the purchase of this gear helps support a good cause.

Some of my favorites, in no particular order:

Women’s Walking SuperLight/SuperFresh 895.

The minimalist-meets-walking shoe.

New Balance SuperLight/SuperFresh 895

A little odd feeling to walk in at first, but I’ve quickly grown to love these shoes. They’re potentially lighter than my Vibrams {don’t quote me on that… I just picked them up to compare. I think they’re lighter. Either way, they’re LIGHT.} which is perfect for my daily summer strolls around the neighborhood with the little stinker bug.

new balance minimalist shoes


The HRT Monitor

new balance HRT strapless heart rate monitor

I love a love-hate relationship with this watch.


– It’s all-around tiny. Tiny faceplate, tiny wrist strap. I have tiny wrists and love how perfectly this fits.

– It’s pink & black.

– Calorie counts!

– You don’t have to wear a heart strap.

– You don’t have to wear a heart strap. No, that’s not a mistake, I wrote it twice.


– No heart strap. Again, not a mistake. This heart rate monitor uses a touch bezel to take on-demand heart rate readings. In theory, this is awesome. In practice, I can rarely get it to work since you need to be still. I’m never still when I’m out of breath trying to see what my heart rate is.

– Ok, that’s the only hate.


Magenta Stride Hooded Track Jacket


This light-weight, mesh zip up hoodie is perfect for summer, when walking into an air-conditioned room makes me freeze, but it’s too hot for a jacket.


Black Komen Capri Pants


I’ve pretty much been living in these and my lulu crops. Better for crawling around after a little munchkin than shorts; cool enough to wear during the summer.


Ok time to stop typing and go check on that phone. And make more coffee. Hopefully phone-free coffee. Maybe full caf is in order…

sideofsneakers-4411<—Kind of how I’m feeling this am.


Have any fitgear faves this summer?

Sunday Superlatives

Some things I’ve been lovely lately, with no necessary rhyme or reason:

chocolate almond milk

Chocolate almond milk in coffee. {Bonus: a sprinkle of cinnamon in coffee grounds before brewing makes it especially awesome.}

breakfast quinoa

Craisins in breakfast quinoa.

luna bar peanut honey pretzel

Luna Bar’s Peanut Honey Pretzel flavor. Sweet. Salty. Peanut buttery. The perfect combo.

millionaire's shortbreadsalted caramel chocolate shortbread

Stumbling upon a hidden freezer stash of my vegan millionaire’s shortbread: chocolate-y, caramel-y, salt-y goodness.

manduka tankyoga tank

The Manduka Lyrics tank– the softest workout tank I’ve ever put on. LOVE. I love that it’s not clingy- sweat + shirt stuck me = yuck. The only downside is the white’s a tad see through. {The company was kind enough to give this to me. Check out their great workout tees and tanks plus oodles of yoga accessories.}


allie and heather

Hanging out with my bloggie bestie for the afternoon last week! Allie is awesome. Too bad we met after she moved away from NC!

this is what beauitful looks like

This fabulous message about loving your body for what it is…and believing it!



What are you loving lately?

Cho to the Bani {GIVEAWAY}

I shouldn’t say ridiculous things like “I’ll pick a winner March 1st” when there’s no telling when I’ll next get to a computer or even if I’ll have a clue what day it is.

But none the less, here are the TEN winners of the Think Thin Weight Wellness sampler packs:











Please email me your mailing info so I can pass it on!

Now, for those of you who didn’t win, I’ve got another giveaway for you. If you read a bunch of healthy living/food type blogs, chances are you’ve probably seen the new Chobani Greek yogurt flavors floating around. Not to bore you with repetitiveness, but you’re going to seem them at least one more time:

chobani greek yogurt

The Chobani crew sent me a box of their newest varieties: Apple Cinnamon, Blood Orange, and Passion Fruit. How are those for creative yogurt flavors?

new chobani greek yogurt flavors

Normally I love anything apple cinnamon flavored, but the thought of apples & yogurt together made me cringe a little. I’m willing to admit when I’m wrong however; I immediately fell in love with the combo. Creamy Greek yogurt on top with soft cinnamon-spiced apples on the bottom. Pretty much dessert in disguise.

best greek yogurt

The blood orange flavor surprised me both in taste and appearance. It truly tasted like blood oranges were mixed into the cup and the bright pinkish orange flavor was beautiful. {An important quality in yogurt, no? Winking smile}

I really, really wanted to like the Passion Fruit since it’s such a unique yogurt variety, but I just couldn’t get on board. I’ve heard the 2% Greek yogurts are deliciously creamy, but it was just too much for me. While authentic to the passion fruit, the seeds in the bottom of the yogurt just didn’t jive for me. The crunch just didn’t mesh with the smooth yogurt and they left a slightly bitter taste in my mouth.

Keep your hands off the other flavors though, those are mine!

So…want to win your own box of Chobani?

fat free greek yogurt

Leave a comment below telling me what flavor yogurt you’d create if you were a yogurt maker.

Thinking Thin {GIVEAWAY}

I could probably spend the next 6 months writing posts about things you can eat one handed. It’s shocking what a back seat my own eating has taken in order to make sure this little guy is fed whenever he wants. {And that’s a lot!}

cute baby boy

I’ve been filling up on homemade oatmeal muffins and almond butter smothered bagels, but sometimes even those things are too complicated. Muffins require baking at some point and almond butter requires spreading. So I’ve been turning to the easiest of easy grab and go snacks to tide me over until I can get an extra hand free: protein bars.

thinkthin protein bars

thinkThin sent me some samples of their protein and crunch bars earlier this month and I was instantly a fan. I’ve already replenished my stock; heaven forbid I run out when I’m running around like a starving maniac.

The crunch bars come in fruity and nutty flavors like Blueberry & Mixed Nuts and Cranberry Apple & Mixed Nuts. The smell alone when I peeled open the wrapper for the first time was enough to win me over. The husband kept asking what I was eating that smelled so good and could he have some. {The answer was no of course, these weren’t for sharing!} The bonus was that they’re low in sugar.

peanut butter protein barfruit and nut bar low sugar

I was more hesitant about the protein bars. I’m not usually an advocate of protein bars, or a fan of the taste. The thinkThin bars passed my test though- they don’t have that characteristic chalky flavor or texture, they’re sugar free, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that they come in flavors like Creamy Peanut Butter {the words peanut butter almost always win me over} and Caramel Fudge.

I know I sound like a walking advertisement at this point but I am a fan. If the flavor wasn’t enough to make me happy, the company’s concept for wellness makes me happy too. Instead of promoting weight loss, they advocate weight wellness:

What we feel this means is that this is the optimal weight range at which our bodies feel happy and healthy. This is not dictated by aesthetic, shape, weight or tape measure – it is the physical outcome of feeling energized, confident, and living a life that is vibrant, varied and fulfilling. thinkThin® products contain uncompromised quality ingredients that provide an excellent source of energy without the punishing side effects of gluten and refined sugar.

Sounds good in my nutrition book. Winking smile

Now, if only someone could come up with a pre-packaged solution for typing one handed…


thinkthin protein bars

You don’t think I’d blabber on about how good something is without sharing with you, right?

TEN of you have the chance to win a Weight Wellness Sampler – 2 thinkThin® Protein Bars & 2 thinkThin® Crunch Bars by liking thinkThin on Facebook and following them on Twitter. Just leave a comment letting me know you did.

For a bonus entry, tell me how you create wellness in your life.

I’ll pick a winner on March 1st!

Thrive Foods: Blueberry Chia Pudding

As you can imagine, I own one or two books about food and nutrition. Make that more like 20 or 30…at least. {A fact that was made ever apparent as I emptied my bookshelves to make room for painting the nursery.}

You’d be surprised how many of them aren’t cookbooks. I love looking at new recipes, but I’m not a big recipe follower. I’d much rather read about the actual food and nutrients themselves. I’m a dork. It’s also my job, so that makes up for a little bit of the nerdiness, right?

One of my many favorites is Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide by Brendan Brazier, an professional Ironman triathlete.

thrive vegan nutrition guide by brendan brazier

I was thrilled when Vega sent me a copy of his latest book, Thrive Foods, which is all about the actual foods he believes make the ideal diet.

thrive foods: 200 plant based recipes for peak health

What I love about the book is that it doesn’t just stop at “this food has this nutrient, and this is why that’s good”. It explains why those nutrients are important, why we aren’t getting enough, and what the impact of industry and the environment has on these foods.

He explains the toll that food production places on the environment- how many resources are used to create a pound of meat vs. a pound of veggies, etc. I knew meat production made a big impact on the land, but I was surprised by just how much water and other resources went in to such production.

Brendan then goes on to explain how we can use whole foods to improve our health. He goes into great detail {understandable detail} on each of these components. It’s great to hear what he has to say about these foods, as he’s essentially used himself as a guinea pig over the years.

thrive foods brendan brazier

Brendan started down the road of whole food living when he suffered from adrenal exhaustion during his intense triathlon training. Through experimentation and research he discovered it wasn’t that he was training too hard- it was that he wasn’t recovering well enough. Recovery means rest, of course, but it also means proper fueling and energy. He talks about this a lot in his other books, and then includes some recipes using these principles.

Thrive Foods places the emphasis on the recipes part- it’s packed with 200 recipes, all plant-based, and all created from whole foods. The recipes in this book aren’t just Brendan’s though- he’s recruited recipes from well-known chefs and restaurants around the world, which adds a great dimension to the book.

Many of the recipes do look a little intimidating at first glance- there are things you may never have heard of or seen in the grocery store, like sacha inchi seeds and yacon syrup. These things are easily substituted, or give you the little nudge you need to experiment with something new.

Plenty of the recipes use common, everyday foods, just not always in a way you would expect. Dates become sweeteners and chia seeds become emulsifiers. Beans and quinoa turn into pizza crusts, and nuts become cheese.

There are a few complicated recipes mixed in with some delightfully simple recipes- like zucchini with marinara.

As I thumbed through the book I couldn’t decide what I wanted to make. Some seemed a little scary; others would require a trip to the health food store. But there were quite a few I could make with things already in my pantry.

I used this opportunity to make something I’d always meant to, but never had: chia pudding.

breakfast blueberry chia pudding recipe from thrive foods

When you add water to chia seeds, magic happens and they thicken and almost gelatinize the water. This is what makes them such a great egg substitute. It also makes a great pudding base.

blueberry chia pudding

Along with some cashews, dates, and blueberries, this simple recipe packs a powerful nutrition punch.

chia seed puddingbreakfast chia pudding recipe

The one thing I’m slightly discouraged about by the book is the number of recipes that require a more powerful blender than I own, and will probably ever own. I was immensely pleased when the recipe I chose required a blender, and mine worked perfectly well for the job!

brendan brazier recipe from thrive foods

Now that I have my first brave recipe experimentation down, I’m excited to try a few more, like pumpkin gnocchi, avocado pesto, and vanilla protein ice cream with caramel syrup.


When Brendan first started down the road of plant-based eating for optimal health, he was so encouraged by the results that he developed several products that would make it easy on others to eat the same way without as much work. You may recognize is product line: Vega. They make great protein powders and whole food powders, along with bars, etc. The powders make for great smoothie bases when you don’t feel like starting from scratch.

brendan brazier books vegan nutrition

Have you read any of the Thrive books? Have you tried anything from the Vega line?


And help me pick a green crib on tiny sneakers!