Let me start by saying I apologize for the lack of mouth watering pictures in this post. Actually, you’re welcome. Otherwise you’d start drooling and want to dig into a big slice of cake in about 5 seconds.

healthy (ish) funfetti cake

There are no pretty pictures because I never intended to post this recipe. But then I went and Instagrammed it {is instagrammed a verb yet? It should be. I attribute Instagram to the reason why my phone dies religiously by 1pm every day.} And through Instagram {& Instagram via Twitter}, you all kindly asked demanded the recipe.

lightened up box cake mix recipe

So here ‘tis. SO EASY.

Cho-Fetti {Greek Yogurt Cake}

by with a Side of Sneakers


  • 1 box cake mix
  • 6 oz Greek yogurt
  • 1 cup water


Mix. Bake. {According to package directions.}

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boxed cake mix with greek yogurt

Bam. That’s it.

I used Blood Orange flavored Chobani Greek yogurt with a box of patriotic-themed Funfetti my mom snagged for the husband. {He’s an independence day baby}. I hope it was good. It smelled good. But I couldn’t eat it. Baking a cake you can’t have {and traveling 6 hours with it in the car}? That’s love.

birthday cake recipe

It’s kind of like my pumpkin spice cupcakes. So easy it’s ridiculous. But a handy trick to have in your back pocket. Easy & makes something indulgent just a bit healthier.

light pumpkin cupcake recipe

And that’s what matters right? Because if you’re going to eat 3 slices in one sitting, every bit counts.


{Who would do that? Not meeee?!}

Coco-cinna Oatmeal Bars


About a year BB {before baby}, I quit my job as a renal dietitian to become a private practice sports dietitian. Best. Decision. Ever. I went the low risk route- I didn’t jump in and rent an office, shell out a ton of dough on new tools or gear, or pour money into advertising and branding. I did whatever I could myself and figured everything else could wait. Quitting a job with a steady salary is risky enough; I didn’t need to blow the savings I’d so carefully sacked away to make this “one day” a reality.

Since I didn’t have an office, I did most of my counseling online. That meant I spent a lot of time at home. Working at home? Dream job, right? Of course.

Until you spend hour after hour sitting at your desk talking to no one but yourself. Even the lively interweb of social media didn’t cut it sometimes. It got lonely and depressing. I could literally go for days without talking to a real live human being face to face {when the husband was out of town}. So I turned to a favorite workplace of freelancers- Starbucks.

Outlets, WiFi, windows, music, coffee, snacks, and most importantly, human interaction all in one place. Given my undying love of all things coffee, it was the perfect set up. Just a couple hours here and there was enough to get me my fix. {Of people that is. My coffee fix was never satisfied. Winking smile}

And thus began my love affair with one of my now-favorite Starbucks treats: the cinnamon chip scone.

I loved them so much. I didn’t so much love the nutritional profile. I mean a treat here and there is no biggie, but with the record I was started to accrue, it could’ve gotten dangerous.

So I made my own version. Still a treat; much healthier; just as delicious. The only problem was I couldn’t find cinnamon chips. Because I was so desperate to recreate my treat, I made my own cinnamon chips. The were delicious. But seriously, who has time to make cinnamon chips when the craving for a scone strikes? Not me.

cinnamon oatmeal cookies

Enter step-dad to the rescue. He hunted down the chips, sent a few bags my way, and has kept replenishing them. I started slacking in the baking department and suddenly I had an excess inventory of cinnamon chips.

What to do, what to do… Back of the bag to the rescue! Problem. Solved. Coconut Cinnamon Oatmeal Bars.

oatmeal bars recipe

I subbed coconut oil for the butter and tossed in a handful of coconut flakes. There’s a reason the recipe’s on the bag– delicious.

oatmeal cookies recipe

And since everything’s better with sprinkles:

oatmeal cookie bars with sprinkles

Highly recommended.


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