24 Hours Conquered

24 hours


1,310 dollars


26 loops


54.6 miles


360 riders


priceless 🙂


Back with an update after sleep occurs!

Let the Ride Begin

In just a few hours I’ll be hopping on my bike for the longest ride of my life!

booty livestrong My goals:

1. Do not die

2. Keep my knee from shattering into pieces

3. Not to fall asleep on the bike course

4. To be able to walk on Sunday

5. To push myself beyond what I think I’m capable of.

Why I am doing this?

It’s 24 Hours of Booty, a 24 hour bike ride to support the fight against cancer.

24 hours of booty ride The ride I’m doing supports the Lance Armstrong Foundation & the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults. Thank you so much to those of you who donated to my ride and to those of you who offered words of support & encouragement! Words cannot express my gratitude.

Our team raised $1,310!!

ulman fundlivestrong

The event is similar to Relay for Life, but on bikes- we ride around a 2.1 mile loop as many times as we want/can. When we’re not riding, headquarters is in “Bootyville”, where tents, porta potties, and food await!

24 hours of booty loop

Because I don’t know how well my knee will hold up, I’m also the “go-to” volunteer during the event- whenever they need an extra hand, it’ll be me!

mom at booty

This event is more than just a bike ride to me- it’s extra special because I’ll be doing it with my mom, who is a cancer survivor herself. The ride kicks off with a “survivor loop”, and seeing my mom ride in it is probably what I’m looking forward to the most.


My mom’s been a volunteer with the Ulman Cancer Fund (and with Livestrong) for numerous events, and she’s on the committee that’s been working with the 24 Hours of Booty crew to make the event happen. This is the first time she’ll actually be participating as well as volunteering- I’m so proud of her!

So….off we go! Hopefully I won’t be stuck spinning in circles after 24 hours of riding to the left…maybe I’ll be able to teach Zoolander a thing or two. 😉

Packing for a 24 Hour Bike Ride…

Packing for an event that lasts 24 hours provides the opportunity to forget a lot of things.

Packing for a bike ride that lasts 24 hours results in a very odd assortment of those things.

bike stuff

Tomorrow begins my 24 hour bike riding event, aptly named 24 Hours of Booty. It’s a fundraiser to raise money for the fight against cancer. [Is “fundraiser to raise money” an oxymoron?]

‘24 hours’ is kind of misleading- I’ll be volunteering at packet pickup for 5 hours today, volunteering to help with set-up tomorrow from 8-12, then the ride is from 1pm to 1pm…aka 33 hours of my life will be about 24 Hours of Booty between now & Sunday.

Since I’ll be otherwise occupied, I started packing this morning. It’s the oddest collection of things I’ve ever packed for any athletic event- ever, ever.

bike gear

Bike Ride Packing List

Let’s see…there’s:

– A tent (in case by any chance I get to sleep)

– Multiple changes of clothes (sweating in 90 degrees for 24 hours? Gross.)

– Deodorant (see above)

– Water bottle, Camel Bak (gotta hydrate!)

– Bike lock (I doubt I need this—who wants to steal my bike? It’s the other people that should watch over their fancy schmancy bikes when I’m around ;))

– Tape (In hopes I can hold my crummy knee together long enough to ride)

– The Stick (because it’s the best thing since sliced bread foam rolling)

– Ice pack (noticing an injury theme yet?)

– Band aids

– Sunglasses

– Bike shoes

– Bike gloves

– Spare tubes

– Brush-ups (which I just happened to have in my suitcase- awesome)

– Headlight/tail light (so crazy 2am drivers can see me)

– Watch (so I can count down the hours? Maybe I should leave that at home….)

– Sweaty bands x2 (my absolute new favorite headband…see below)

booty gear

So I’m pretty much obsessed with headbands. My head of hair gives new meaning to the word “fly aways”, and I can’t stand having hair in my face- especially when running.

I literally always travel with an assortment of options:


I’ve tried Bondi Bands (which I like for winter but not summer), Under Armour elastics, Lululemon (which I like for daily wear but not sports), and now Sweaty Bands.

Lisa from Sweaty Bands sent me 2 to try out. I think she might secretly know me because I’m in love with the patterns she picked for me- the pink flowered one & the polka dot one, both above. Some of you saw the flowered one at HLS & asked about it!

sweaty bands

They have both thick and thin bands, and they both have a velvety underside that keeps the band in place but doesn’t tug at your hair. I’ve pulled them on & off over & over and they’ve yet to stretch out. I’ve been wearing the thin one to workout in (& hide a bad hair day), & the thick one is perfect for biking. (My helmet hair isn’t quite as bad when I have it on;)).

So hopefully having them this weekend will help me stay looking at least a little bit fresh & not like a disaster….ha.

I’ve also got a couple snacks packed, but luckily we get 3 meals (& midnight pizza!) while we’re there (& it looks like they have veggie options!) so we won’t starve- phew!

Have you ever done a 24 hour (or longer) event? Do you have any words of wisdom for me?! What am I forgetting?!!!

Tri’s & Pies


I tumbled out of bed this morning only slightly later than I would have if I were racing, and headed to the park to see the start of the Iron Girl Triathlon. After an epic hunt for parking and a 20 minute walk later, I was there.

There weren’t too many places you could see everything that was going on- the swim, bike, run, & transition areas were spread out, so I walked around to a bunch of spots to see different athletes in different parts of the race.


Despite the rain, this race drew quite the crowd of spectators! There were cars for a mile down all the surrounding streets, lines of people along the course leading to the transition area, and even lawn chairs on the hill, as if watching a concert. I love how much support there was! I saw more than one family in coordinating shirts cheering for their respective athletes- sisters, moms, wives- it was quite a site.

finish line 


I love how disorganized the transition area looks compared to yesterday’s meticulous rows of bikes.


The bike-to-run exit.

transition area


tri awards 

I’m still upset I wasn’t one of the athletes, but being there seeing other people do amazing things is always inspiring. It reminds me why we put ourselves through injuries like this, and what’s waiting for us [me] on the other side.


Cutie Pies

After a quick trip home to change out of my wet-then-semi-dried clothes, I headed to celebrate my cousin’s 1st birthday with my family.


baby and daddy matthewbirthday  

Such a cutie pie I just had to share 🙂

He loved his Elmo cupcakes!

 birthday candle messy face  sesame cupcakes


Rhubarb Pies

And while I was out cheering on the Iron Girls, my step dad magically transformed some funny looking purplish stalks into this amazing masterpiece:


I can’t share the recipe because I haven’t be given the secret yet, but I know it contains some combination of sugar, flour, cinnamon, lemon juice, rhubarb, and pie crust! Tart, but sweet- & oh so good!


Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

The Post in Which I Admit Defeat

Last November, 9am, I anxiously sat in front of my computer. The day I had been waiting for had finally come: registration opened for the Iron Girl Columbia Triathlon. It sold out the previous year long before I thought of signing up- I was determined to get a spot this year.

iron girl

Somehow I managed to snag a spot before the triathlon sold out later that day. At the time, I couldn’t imagine anything going wrong- it wasn’t until August, so I had plenty of time to train. I wasn’t just going to do this tri, I was going to kick it’s butt.

Only I never planned on getting injured.

Even now, as I sit amongst a pile of bike gear after a long drive to MD, I can’t fully admit that it’s not going to happen.

bike gear

I understood that I wasn’t going to be able to do the race- it just never sunk in. I went to packet pick up, along with hundreds of other racers, mumbling thanks as volunteers said ‘good luck’. I could only utter the words “I’m not racing” so many times. It was even smeared across my packet- “Not Racing”- like a giant scarlet “A”.

iron girl tri

I proceeded to make it worse on myself as I went to see the course and got caught up in the flurry of athletes setting their bikes up in transition. I started to walk towards the swim start area, but I couldn’t do it. It was like rubbing salt in a wound.

 bike tri bike bikes

So no, I won’t be racing tomorrow. But I’ll be there, bright & early, with bells on, cheering on all the other Iron Girls, hoping that next time I’ll be running alongside them.

Revisiting My First Tri: The Run

A look back at last year’s tri:

Swim: check

Bike: check


T2 was no problem…just had to remember to take off my helmet and grab my watch.  My legs definitely felt like Jello as I set off on the run.  Ok, more like the jog.  I told myself just to keep my legs moving, I’d feel them eventually.

Most of the run was on a gravel trail through the park, parts of it running along a golf course.  It was a pretty nice area for a run so I tried to focus on the nice scenery instead of how tired I felt.  I had to stop for a minute near the beginning to tighten one of my shoelaces, it was driving me crazy.  That’s when I realized I was covered in grease from the bike chain.  My lovely white laces were no longer white.

The run, thankfully, had no dramatic moments like the bike.  I glanced at my watch as I passed the 1st mile marker and realized I had just run about a 10 minute mile.  I would consider this slow compared to my old 5k times, but I had just swam 300m, biked 20k, escaped a potential DNF, and hadn’t been able to run in months–10 minutes was good!! I told myself to try to get to the next mile marker in another 10 minutes, and then do it again, and I pretty much did.

The end of the run was across an open field.  I always try to finish strong, and I can definitely say I did. I don’t know where it came from, but I sprinted across that finish line! It was hard to tell what my actual finish time was due to the staggered start (people had finished before I even got in the pool!), but I was pretty sure I’d beaten my goal of finishing in under two hours.

finish line

The husband greeted me at the finish line with a look of awe on his face.  He told me I crushed my goal. Bike mishap an all!

We looked around the post-race festivities as I cooled-down and re-hydrated.  I’d taken Gatorade on the bike, but only drank about half my bottle.  The husband was quite excited about the post-race beers 🙂  I felt I had to have one just because I could, but honestly I preferred the water and bagel 🙂

I bought myself a reward:

swim bike run

Time to pick a race for next year!