Friday Favorites

It’s the last unofficial week of summer. While schools everywhere have started back already, KB doesn’t start until next week. We have one final weekend to soak it all up and revel in the beauty a lack of forced schedule provides.

Before I get weepy and nostalgic about yet another season coming to an end, here are a few things I’ve been loving lately.


Seriously this charcoal mask is awesome. {If you didn’t know, charcoal in beauty products is all the rage right now. Trust me, I’m an expert. Kidding. 100%.} But it’s great. I’ve tried a handful of products from the company because of their safe ingredients and “natural” tendencies and I’ve liked them all. This one is a new winner though, especially with the lovely beauty that is pregnancy skin.

Erin Condren

I’ve heard about this planner for-ev-errrrr, but I finally got one of my very own to check out in the flesh. Er, paper.It’s as great as they say. Monthly views, and plenty of writing and planning room in the week by week sections. Perfect for blogging, writing, business, family, and life. The stickers and notecards including in the back are only a heaping bonus for this stationary lover.

erin condren planner


This might as well be on every Friday Fave post I ever write. We go through these suckers like it’s nobody’s business. {Dear Costco, please start offering more flavors so I can further my bulk-buying obsession.} I love that they’re allergy-friendly {most flavors – besides nuts of course}, have a great ingredient list, and taste insanely delicious. My whole family fights over them and I had to resort to rationing them in to individual family member bins in the pantry. #controlfreak #typeA

kind bars gluten free
Bakery on Main

Like I need another oatmeal favorite. But seriously, tack “pie” on to anything and you know you have a winner. Apple + oatmeal is my favorite breakfast flavor combo and while surely I can make my own instant oatmeal packets, having an option that’s already ready and has more to offer than just plain oats is a plus. Three cheers again for allergy-friendly food that still tastes good.

bakery on main oatmeal gluten free

{Speaking of allergy-friendly food, did you see the recall on Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips? I non-negotiable staple in our house, of course I had them in my pantry. Sad day.}
Mamma Chia

Ok this is more like a kid-fave, not me in particular, but as you parents now, pouches are golden. Love that these ones have chia seeds and a healthy does of omega in them. KB sucks these down with no second thought to the seedy texture and loves sprinkling the “crunchies” aka granola on his oatmeal {or straight out of the bag making a giant mess of course}.

mamma chia squeeze pouches

Ok I’m cutting myself off even though I have plenty of more favorites to share, but the sun is up and it’s time to go play in that summer sun while it lasts.


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Coffee Talk // August

Coffee talk is my favorite because it gives me a chance to talk about absolutely nothing, which is sometimes all I have in my brain. Plus, it’s a chance to look back and soak up the past month.

The theme of July {and all summer really} has been wrapped around two things: fixing up the house…  house updates  

And hanging with my fave three year old. {If anybody ever tells you three year olds are crazy, that may be true, but they are also so so so much fun.}

three year old antics 
I suppose the list should really include three things. I’ll post a better update on tinysneakers one of these days {so those of you that are uninterested won’t be subjected to such blabber}, but for now, let’s just say I’m happy that coffee is back in my life. So necessary. {also, little secret, pancakes are only allowed for breakfast when said three year old sleeps in his own bed all night. We haven’t been having too many pancakes lately…} I did bend the rules and allow gluten free blueberry muffins one morning because they sounded too good to pass up. 

 gluten free breakfast  
I’ve been doing my best to stick with a regular exercise routine but I have to admit I feel about 100 years old and super out of shape. But better to push through it and do as much as I can now- I can only imagine how wiped out is be trying to get back into thing s after a 9 or 10 month break. 😉

piyo and  yoga 
So here’s to another full month of summer fun and adventures… Even if “fun” and “adventure” just means unpacking. 😉

Monday Mentions

//We moved! Well our stuff did anyways – it’s not quite ready for us just yet. After three weeks of projectsand fixes    {that luckily other people did for us}, we finally reached move-in stage. There’s still some work to be done but the rest we can do while living there and can do most of ourselves. Good thing I’m a fan of projects.

moving day pod

//Amazon Prime. Have you heard about Amazon Prime Day? It’s supposed to be like Black Friday but in the middle of the summer {7/15}. I’m seriously considering doing all my Christmas shopping in July so I can check it off the list. Family and friends be warned, tell me what’s on your list now or forever hold your peace.

If you use Amazon at all, stop trying to make your shopping cart equal $35 by ordering extra stuff and just fork over the money for Prime. I’m a cheapo at heart and I promise it’s totally worth it to have stuff show up at your door two days later. {Ooooor you can just sign up for a free 30 day trial and make sure it includes July 15th. Sneaky sneaky.} <~ not an ad, just seriously excited. Probably because we have a lot of stuff to buy for our house projects.

amazon prime day july 15

//Cracked pepper popcorn. I’m not really a pepper or a popcorn girl, but for some reason this hits the spot for me. I found it on the clearance rack at Homegoods of all places and went back to buy three more bags.

pepper popcorn chia pop //Spafinder cards. No, I’m not a spa girl, but these gift cards are the best because they can be used in a million different places including a bunch of fitness boutiquey places. They are the sole reason I can afford Pure Barre classes and my mom’s the best because she just bought me some more because she loves me. Winking smile

Time to go move some more stuff…

What’s Up Wednesday // June

I always mean to do one of these but I’m terribly with both days of the week and planning ahead, so when I realized things were lining up this week I had to jump on board.  
What we’re eating this week…

Lots of fresh berries, sandwiches, and anything cold. I’m so sad strawberry picking season is over already- those thugs taste like candy.

summer berries
What I’m reminiscing about…

The beach. Apparently according to Timehop this is the week we’ve gone to the beach the last few years. Love spending time unplugged by the water, but we’re foregoing a trip this year since we’re buying and working on a house.

baseball on the beach

What I’m loving…

Three and a half. I hope I’m not jinxing myself by saying this but we’re in a good phase and having lots of fun just hanging out. He’s my little buddy and keeps me laughing all day long.

three year old
What we’ve been up to…

Lots of summer birthday parties involving splash pads and bouncy houses, and plenty of early morning bike rides to beat the heat. The last week and a half has been filled with swim lessons which are not going as well as last year. I’ve also been squeezing in some Pure Barre classes now that our schedule isn’t so crazy.

balance bike riding
What I’m dreading…

Moving in the middle of July.

What I’m working on… 

Trying to stay ahead of my deadlines instead of worrying about getting things turned in at the very last minute. Especially a feat during summer.

What I’m excited about…

Closing on our house today! It’ll still be a few weeks before we can move in but still. Yay.

What I’m watching/reading…

Watching nothing. Reading The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah {very different from her other books but once I got over that I’ve been liking it}. Next up is It was Me Along by Andie Mitchell.

the nightingale kristin hannah
What I’m listening to…

Apple radio {alternative if I pick, pop if the little guy picks} on my UEBoom. I make KB have dance parties with me while we make dinner.

ueboom bluetooth speaker
What I’m wearing…

Shorts and workout tanks…it’s too stinking hot for real clothes. {That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.}

What I’m doing this weekend…

We actually have a plan-less weekend for once- I kept it open in case I needed to be painting a house. Still TBD on that one. I know, I’m exciting.

What I’m looking forward to next month…

Having a pool to go to! This 100 degree June has been torture without a fun way to cool off – the hose just doesn’t cutting it.

100 degree june
What else is new…

My rug. 😉 yes, I bought a rug for my house before I had a house to put it in. It was at the top of our list {a cozy place to play} and it was on such super clearance I couldn’t pass it up.

What I’m doing for the 4th of July… 

It’s the husband’s birthday so he gets the luxury of choosing our activity for the holiday. Hopefully it involves fireworks and fun activities and not just mom on baby duty. Hint hint. 

What are you up to this wonderful Wednesday? 

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Coffee Talkin’ // April

So let’s catch up…

//House hunting is STRESSFUL. At first it was fun because we were imagining all the possibilities of the future and seeing what other houses look like is fun. But it quickly went from exciting to old. Not knowing where we’re going to end up is driving me absolutely, madly insane {especially right now when we need to pay for things that we don’t know whether we can use, like preschool tuition and pool dues}. I’m not the best at change and not having a direction to drive my thoughts does not sit well. There have been plenty of times where in a moment {ok a lot of moments} of desperation I ask the husband if we can pretty please just move back to our old house, which obviously isn’t an option. I know things will all work out but this in-between/not-knowing stage is pretty much doing me in.

//Speaking of the above, we almost put an offer in on a house – twice. Between getting the contract and signing it {or rather, not signing it} I would completely freak out, get super stressed, and basically be in a constant state of panic attack, which is so not my nature. To help calm down and get some sleep I turned to my old friend Natural Calm. Oh my love this stuff. I swear it lets me get a better quality sleep with fewer wake ups. My Fitbit tends to agree. {Obviosuly this visceral reaction was a sure sign it wasn’t the house for us – we were trying too hard to make it the fit. You know, round pegs and all that.}

//I’m surprising even myself by saying this, but three is such a fun age. For the first couple weeks after KB’s third birthday I was convinced this was the age that would do me in. Luckily we weathered through the stage and are back to having so much fun – he’s so full of energy and personality and cracks me up constantly. The gorgeous weather we’ve been having lately certainly hasn’t hurt.

//That’s it. Time to go dye Easter eggs. Kabes is 10,000 times more obsessed with Easter than Christmas, although I’m not sure he totally gets they’re different… He wants to give the Bunny a hug after he hides his eggs and insists he comes while he’s awake…I haven’t quite figured that one out yet.


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12 Delish Winter Cocktails

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Maybe one day I will actually blog about real life again {goodness knows there’s certainly enough happening} but for now, here’s something almost as good as real life: holiday cocktails. Because we all know what you really need during the winter holiday season is a good beverage of the adult variety. Winking smile

winter cocktails

From winter sangria with a twist of rosemary to Kaluha-spiked hot chocolate to soul-warming spiced cider champagne, here are a few to try this winter season.

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