My four year old has three two more days of preschool before summer strikes.

I still haven’t registered him for PreK. Registration was in February.

He’s not signed up for any summer activities.

My 5 month old still doesn’t nap.

My four year old definitely doesn’t nap.

I work from home.

My husband works out of state almost weekly.


I’m in severe denial.

About my babies growing up.

About how I’m going to maintain my work load with no summer help.

About only having two more days of preschool. Did I mention that already?

Is it still denial when I’m actually completely aware? Hyperaware. That it’s time to make some decisions and stop putting them off.

Time to pick a preK.

Time to admit that my youngest may never nap well. That I probably need childcare for him too.

Time to publish the giant backlog of posts I have because I never have “enough time” {<– ha} to put the finishing touches on them.

Or maybe I’ll just blissfully keep my head buried in the proverbial sand and try my hardest to keep my babies my babies just a little bit longer.

big bro little bro

Yeah, that last one I think.

Because we all know babies don’t keep.

baby boy

Just Dance, Mom

I’ve probably whined 1,394 times about how much my two year old hates the gym daycare. Usually an easy-going kid, he turns into a crazed lunatic if I even mention the g-word.{gym}. Frustrating as someone who actually enjoys fitness and working out. Stressful as someone who uses exercise as a mental sanity tool.

Instead of simply whining and crying about {because, yes, I will continue to whine}, I also try to make it a point to fit in exercise throughout the rest of my day. It may not be the peaceful mental break that I dream of, but at least I’m staying healthy and active. An added bonus, I’m teaching my kid to be healthy and active and that fitness is fun.

We ride bikes {or rather, I chase after him}, we run races down the street and throughout the house. We jump, we dance, we climb. The key for both of us is making it something fun and realistic.

IMG_4330 (375x500)

I recently got a chance to try out Just Dance 2015, an interactive video game where, non surprisingly, all you have to do is dance. I knew I’d like it, but I wasn’t sure how it would go over with a two year old. I shouldn’t have wondered – it was hit. Now after breakfast every morning he asks if he can “dance to the movie on tv”.

IMG_4458 (500x500)IMG_4460 (500x500)

While there are tons of top pop songs on the dance list, we’ve been doing “What Did the Fox Say?” on repeat because of course my toddler thinks it’s hilarious. There’s also a Tetris song, one with a frog, and a dancing Santa. Luckily he hasn’t jumped on the Frozen bandwagon yet. You can imagine how many times we’ve done those. I’d say his favorite of all his Katy Perry’s Dark Horse, which now I can’t listen to on the radio without seeing the Egyptian-like dance moves that are on the screen.

IMG_4457 (500x500)

At first I thought it’d be the kind of game where you step on different symbols on a mat, but instead it’s free-form. That’s good because you can really dance, bad because someone can see you really dance. Winking smile

IMG_4459 (500x500)

It’s been a fun way to incorporate a little extra physical activity into our day, and I’m looking forward to have something to keep us moving when the weather starts to turn colder.


In addition to being fun, Just Dance has partnered with Stomp Out Bullying to raise awareness and help put an end to childhood bullying, and to show people everywhere that “it’s okay to dance to your own beat!”

You can find Just Dance 2015 on Amazon.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

In Your {Allergy}Face

Tracking PixelThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ZYRTEC®.

This morning I “woke up” to my two year old perched on top of my belly, peering closely into my face. He was poking his chubby little toddler fingers into my eyes, prying open my eyelids. “Wake up eyes, mommy, wake up!”

The last thing I wanted to do  was open my eyes. Not just because it wasn’t quite yet six o’clock in the morning, but after an evening spent at a party on an outdoor patio, my eyes were heavy with leftover pollen and puffiness. Ahh, spring. Love it/hate it. Mostly love it. Except for ALLERGY FACE™.

outdoor party

If you succumb to pollen like I do, you know what I’m talking about it. The itchy, watery eyes. The puffy eyelids. The red and swollen nose.

I naively thought I’d escaped allergy season this year as the husband sat sniffling and blowing his nose in the early weeks of spring and I sat there perfectly happy and normal. Then a week later, it hit me. Full-force. And hasn’t stopped yet, though I can hardly imagine how there’s any pollen left after the massive onslaught we had in April – the type of never ending piles of yellow dust that even a good rainstorm can’t wash away.

pollen everywhere

Even when it eases up a bit, I’m still left with puffy, watery eyes in the morning. Even if you’re not trying to competely hide the effects of ALLERGY FACE™ {I mean face it, sometimes there’s no point}, it can still be tough to wear make-up when you’re battling allergies. Celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg pulled together some tips for  ZYRTEC® on how to combat allergy face and still look your best. With tips like sporting bright red lips so you don’t have to worry about watery eyes ruining your mascara, using a highlighting concealer to distract you from the redness, and using cat-eye style liner to demphasize puffy under eyes, Jamie has some great and simple solutions. You can find the six “ALLERGY FACE™” looks she developed here.

Join  ZYRTEC® on Twitter Tuesday, June 3rd from 6-7pm for an ALLERGY FACE™ Twitter party. Participants will be entered to win up to $500 in Sephora giftcards, perfect to use towards combating your allergy face. {Simply use the hashtag #AllergyFace to participate.}

zyrtec allergy face make up tips

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ZYRTEC®.

Denim & Diamonds

I’m fairly certain that it’s obvious that my world resolves around this little guy.

fourteen months

But yesterday we packed him up and shipped him off to Grandma and Grandpa’s for the night so we could go to the Denim and Diamonds party at the Junior League Showhouse.

I got a much needed hair cut, painted my nails, and actually put on makeup. Life of luxury, I tell ya!

denim and diamonds party

We donned our denim and diamonds and headed off to Adamsleigh Estate, the house that will be transformed into a masterpiece by a group of talented designers over the next few weeks.


It was so cool to see the “before” version of the house- the stone walls, the servant quarters, the bajilion and one bathrooms, and the rooms that just kept on going.

adamsleigh showhouse

I’m not much of a history buff, but seeing the house made me want to learn about it’s story and it’s past once the Showhouse tours start. I mean, there was a safe hidden in what looked like an old-fashioned locker room/closet- there’s got to be a good piece of history there!

candles in fireplacehidden safe

My pictures are all cell phone pictures, so they’re not great, but they definitely captured the fun night full of friends and laughter. How can you not laugh at the hazards of an old house: bathrooms that lock people inside! {We weren’t locked inside fyi, that’s the outside of the door—>}

trapped in bathroomIMAG1199

Can’t wait to see the house after it’s transformation!

Cheers to Nothing

This weekend I did something completely out of the ordinary. It was flabbergasting. Life changing.

I didn’t work.

Ok, I’m being fairly dramatic- it wasn’t quite life changing, but it was refreshing, rejuvenating, and relaxing.

baby standing at door

That’s not to say I sat on my bum all weekend- I just didn’t do work work. In fact, I didn’t even open my computer.

I just enjoyed the weekend for what it was. If I worked a “regular” job, I wouldn’t also spend the weekends working, so just once, I decided to pretend I worked normal hours and didn’t try to cram work into every spare moment I could find. For the first time in months I feel like I actually had a weekend. {Of course, that also means I really felt Monday morning roll around.}

I simply just enjoyed the weekend for what it was. I did things I felt like doing, not things I had to do.

I got my hair cut. This is significant. {It will never look like this again.}

long hair cut

I cleaned. {Yes, cleaned.}

cleaning out closets

I made pancakes.

making pancakes with baby at feeti heart you platesmiley baby

I worked on long overdue nursery projects.

I cracked open a book. {Ok, it was a work-related book, but still one I wanted to read.}

I sat on the porch for an uninterrupted 15 minutes and did absolutely nothing but enjoy the cool fall air; my final farewell to summer.

baby and coffee

Ironically none of us are feeling so hot, so we actually enjoyed time as a family instead of being all over the place trying to get things done.

family at baby birthday party

We {by “we” I mean husband} built a bike rack. Yes, the one that caused this to happen the first time around.

building bike rack for truck

We watched football. {ok, I didn’t watch- I was being a busy body.}

We went to a 1st birthday party that puts all Pinterest parties to shame.

baby's 1st birthday party

We went to bed early and woke up early. I enjoyed every minute of every short baby nap. Even 20 minute naps feel longer when you’re not trying to fit in a week’s worth of work.

Here’s to stopping to savor the moments and not always getting things done.


More weekend pictures on tiny sneakers. 😉

Memorial Deja Vu

While most people like to commemorate the remembrance of the sacrifices so many have made for our country with a Memorial Day cookout, around here we’ve made it a tradition to attend a wedding. This might be the 5th Memorial Day in a row {minus 1 maybe?} that we’ve celebrated a marriage over the holiday weekend.

white & blue wedding cake

This year we stayed local and watched a mutual college friend marry her sweetheart.

bride and groom first dance

bride reception dressgroom

We dropped the bub off at Grandma’s for the day and headed out for some mommy & daddy fun time- only the 2nd or 3rd time we’ve done something sans baby in the past 5 months, and definitely the longest we’ve spent away from him at the same time. I’m happy to report we all survived.

chris and heather

Seeing as it was a mid afternoon wedding on the first 90+ degree day of the year {yes, in MAY} and I was wearing a black dress, I figured it was a good time to test out some new deodorant I’d received from Dove.

dove clear tone deodorant

In addition to keeping you so fresh and so clean, clean, it’s supposed to help with the tone of your underarms. Officially, Dove ClearTone “visibly reduces dark marks and evens tone with regular use over time, while providing 24-hour odor and wetness protection.” Seriously, that’s a thing? I don’t think I can critique that part of it, but it did it’s job well and it didn’t get all over my dress or feel sticky and icky.

post baby outing

I am not one of those women who “glow”. I did not glow during pregnancy and I do not glow when I sweat. I just get sweaty and nasty. Most of the stronger deodorants are goopy and gross, or burn like crazy. Luckily the Dove Clinical Strength was comfortable and non-pain inducing.

courtney and heather

On to the wedding. After a beautiful ceremony, there was a couple hours of down time before the reception started. I did all the normal between-wedding-things, like pumping in the car behind the church and “borrowing” some ice from the hotel since I forgot my cooler.

pre wedding reception gathering

After relaxing and catching up with fellow wedding guests and another round of pumping, it was time for the reception. The highlight of the food was a made-to-order pasta bar with a chef who didn’t blink when I said I wanted everything! And the cake of course. Delicious!

cutting the cake

I did my best, but after two nights in a row of staying up past my {9pm} bedtime {rehearsal dinner the night before}, I had to call it a night before the celebrations came to a close.

girls at wedding rehearsal dinner

It was a great way to celebrate the weekend and it made me feel slightly human again to get out and enjoy some good old fashioned fun with the husband. I’m still catching up on sleep. {Catching up on sleep?! Who am I kidding?}

sorority girls at wedding

wedding friends

The weekend out was well-timed to mark the one year anniversary of our journey into this crazy insane life known as parenthood.

husband and wife

Memorial Day weekend last year we were at another wedding, this time a beach wedding. I had only found out I was pregnant four days before we boarded the plane for the trip. It was fun spilling the news once we arrived to our hotel-mates for the weekend and keeping it a secret from everyone else at the shindig, bride and groom included.

smoochesgoofy wedding pictures

Busted. I’m wearing the same dress to both weddings. Fashionista I am not.

P.S. Several pictures stolen from FB. Thanks friends Smile Click pictures for source links.


*Disclaimer: As part of the DailyBuzz Healthy Living Program, I received free Clear Tone Deodorant from Dove. Opinions are my own of course!