The Return of DYKT

Banana Apple Oats!!

apple oats

Just my usual oat combo with banana, vanilla, and apple. To speed up cooking time, I cut up the apple & added some cinnamon and agave, then nuked it in the microwave for a minute before adding to the oats.


Guess what’s baaaaaaaaack?! DYKT!!!

Here’s some old “Did you knows” for new readers:

Thin doesn’t mean fit- the skinny fat phenomenon

Myths of carbo loading

Calories are not created equal

Weight of muscle v fat

Overweight kids & diets

Weight loss isn’t willpower

Exercise doesn’t equal weight loss

Obesity in the NFL

Did You Know Tuesday #9

Did you know that coffee isn’t necessarily dehydrating?

If your body is used to coffee (i.e. you drink it on a regular basis) you can actually count is as part of your fluid intake! However, if you only have it on occasion, coffee acts as a diuretic and can contribute to dehydration.

Coffee is one of those topics where “they” change their minds about it nearly every day, so use your best judgment!! Check to see if you’re hydrated– is your urine clear or pale yellow, or is it dark? Does your skin look dry? Are you thirsty?!

If you drink coffee before a race, make sure you practice drinking it before a training run to see how your body handles it. And be sure to include other fluids besides coffee.

Do you drink coffee before a race? I do, but stick to one cup. (Gotta make sure the plumbing’s clear if you know what I mean…;))

Perfect Pancakes

You are probably aware by now how much I love oatmeal. I could probably eat it three times a day and perfectly happy. I was really craving some oats at dinner time, but figured I’d already had them for breakfast.

I’ll make oat pancakes instead!

I never make have the patience to make pancakes in the morning, so why not for dinner instead 🙂

Plus I had lots of fresh berries to make a topping since I never did get around to making another fruit cobbler.


Oatmeal Pancakes

1 heaping cup whole wheat flour (probably 1 1/4c)

1 cup old fashioned oats (I left mine whole to make a more rustic pancake- feel free to spin them through a food processor first if you’d prefer)

1/2T baking powder

1/4 t baking soda

1/4t salt

dash of cinnamon

1 T coconut oil (liquid)

1 c yogurt

1 c almond milk (or any kind)

1 egg

Mix dry ingredients together. Slowly whisk in coconut oil. Add in wet ingredients- you may not need all the liquid, just add until it looks about right for making pancakes. If you’re not using yogurt, try more milk or buttermilk for a richer flavor- you may need to use sweetener too.

Let better rest for a few minutes to thicken. Then make pancakes!!

pancake batter

This probably made about a dozen 4” pancakes. (Trust me, you’ll want leftovers. They’re even good cold.)


While I was letting the batter rest I got my fruit topping ready. I prepared it exactly the same way I did for the berry cobbler, only with just strawberries & blueberries- tossed them in a little bit of cornstarch & agave, then let them sit and get gooey.

berry mixture

I popped the berries in the microwave for about a minute, then spread them over the pancakes.


oatmeal pancakes with berries

Breakfast for dinner is a-okay in my book!

Body Marking

Well good morning!!! Err….afternoon!

Note to self: even if you’re one of the 1st to arrive at a race, do not park in the 1st parking lot if you plan on leaving at 8am.


My morning started bright & early- so early it was still pitch dark outside- to head to the Belews Lake Triathlon to put my volunteering skills to use. (Winding country roads in the dark with night blindness- quite interesting)

belews lake triathlon

Coffee & breakfast were promised upon arrival, but just in case I grabbed a peanut butter bagel thin sandwich with sunflower seeds and my own coffee to go. Good decision- “breakfast” consisted of those oatmeal icing pie cookies that come in a box. I don’t know what they’re called but they were in every kid’s lunchbox in elementary school. And no coffee. Sigh.

bagel sandwich coffee to go

Anyways, I was assigned to body marking!! I loved this station because I got to check out all the athletes (and their bikes!) and give the first-timers a quick overview.


500+ athletes marked in 2 hours- I gots skills. 🙂

When I was done with my duties, I headed down to see the water start & say hi to Kelly who was racing!! (She knocked it out of the park by the way!!)

open water swim

It’s usually a pretty warm lake, but since it’s so early in the year, it was wetsuit legal today. I can’t say I was upset I didn’t have to get in the chilly water, but I was sad not to be racing.

By this point I was getting hungry for a more substantial breakfast, so I walked back to my car to head home. Umm not only was my car completely blocked in in the back row of the parking lot, the only path out of the parking lot led directly into race traffic for the biking and the running. Looks like I wasn’t going anywhere!

Except for being hungry it ended up being ok- I got to do some spectating instead! This was the 1st race I’ve been to that I wasn’t running in.

transition area for triathlon

I got kind of nervous watching the super fasties come out of the transition area on their bikes- almost all of them had clipless pedals, and so many of them were having a heck of a time getting their shoes clipped in. It probably didn’t help that they were trying to do it going uphill. (Isn’t that cruel- the bike and the run both started up a steep hill.)

Then I headed to the finish line. The first person in was only 22- and he made it look EASY. Ha!

first finisher

First girl:

first female finisher

Not gonna lie, this girl’s hot- and yes, I marked those muscles 😉 Haha.

awesome muscle girl

I was starving, so I finally grabbed a piece of pizza. Ahhh.

slice of cheese pizza

My morning ended with a good dose of bike envy

triathlon transition area

…and an urge to jump in the pool and get swimming 😉

Blueberry Cobbler Oats & DYKT #8

Thank you all for the advice on my running rut– I’m sure I’ll snap out of it soon. Probably by not thinking about it 😉


Pumpkin oats just weren’t jiving with what I wanted for breakfast this morning. (Oh no! The horror!!). I wanted oats, just something a little different. I didn’t really have too many other mix-ins, so I decided to pull out a packet of instant oatmeal. I tried the Quaker True Delights Blueberry oatmeal- and actually really liked it!

blueberry oatmeal

It was a tad on the sweet side, but that’s to be expected with instant oatmeal. Don’t get me wrong, I love sweets- just not in my oatmeal.

I stirred in some cottage cheese and topped the oatmeal with chopped walnuts. This would actually make a really good dessert…..

blueberry oats

Now DYKT (Did You Know Tuesday!!)


Did you know….

Muscle doesn’t weigh more than fat?

Of course you know that….if you think about it for a minute. Colloquial generalizations have made us think that muscle weighs more than fat. That’s what makes it ok when the scale goes up when you’ve been working out. Well, a pound of muscle equals a pound of fat. (Remember that pound of feathers & pound of bricks scenario you learned in elementary school? Still applies ;).) The real reason the scale might go up when you’re “losing weight” is that muscle takes up less room than fat. It’s much denser than fat, and therefore takes up less space. (That’s why weight isn’t always the best judge!)

A pound of muscle also burns more calories than a pound of fat, but you probably knew that too 😉 But do you know how much?!

Of course it varies from person to person, but on average, a pound of muscle burns about 50 calories a day, versus a pound of fat that only burns 2 calories a day. That’s a huge difference!! And most people don’t just have one pound of muscle. Go lift some weights!! 😉

Edited to add: Samantha Angela said this really well: “1lb of muscle = 1lb of fat but 1 cubic inch of muscle is heavier than 1 cubic inch of fat, hence the “muscle weighs more than fat” term.”

Double Nut Butter Oats & DYKT #7

Goooood morning!!pumpkin oatmeal

Today’s oats included pumpkin & cottage cheese, along with some walnuts and not one, but two nut butters: peanut butter AND almond butter. Yum. I love the nuttiness of the almond butter, but the hint of sweetness from the peanut butter.

morning oats

The almond butter doesn’t melt as well, so it’s harder to get in every bite. That’s why the PB’s there for back up 😉

nut butter oats

The tummy’s definitely doing better today—ahh the magical power of oats. 🙂 Still a little off, but much better than yesterday! We headed out of town for some family stuff, so things maybe a little sporadic around here- I apologize in advance.

Normally when I travel with the in-laws we eat lots of food out, since we don’t really have anywhere to do any cooking. I don’t normally mind when it’s only for a short time, but with the way my stomach’s been acting and the half marathon coming up, I don’t want to mess around too much.

I decided to pack some snacks that I thought would be pretty tummy friendly in case we do end up having to eat out a lot. Then if there isn’t something that will sit well, I’ll have backups to keep me from chewing an arm off. I asked the husband if he thought it would offend anyone if I brought my own food. I’m not sure why I care what people think so much. It’s not their stomach.

Anyways, I’m all loaded up with goodies: Quaker Blueberry & Hazelnut Latte oatmeal packets, bite sized dried plums, whole wheat Wheat Thins, pretzels, Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal, almonds, & walnuts. Think it’d be strange if I threw in a whole jar of peanut butter?!


Here’s a quickie DYKT for you:


Did you know it’s more beneficial to carbo-load the week leading up to a longer event than the night before?

Loading up on carbohydrates before an event that’ll last longer than 30 minutes could mean the difference between hitting the wall and finishing strong, but an all-night pasta party probably isn’t the best way to do it.

The idea behind carbo-loading is to maximize the amount of glycogen you have stored in your muscles come race time. By stocking up on carbs, you can increase the amount of glycogen in your muscles from 80-120 mmol/kg to 200 mmol/kg- quite a difference!

Also the point is to specific eat more carbohydrates- not more calories in general, or more fat, etc. Your body does need more calories so the extra can be stored as fuel, but that should be achieved by exercising less, not eating more. Exercising less (tapering) gives your muscles a chance to relax, repair any damage, and store glycogen.

Glycogen stored in your muscles not only provides energy during your race, but it also helps prevent dehydration. For every gram of carbohydrate stored in your muscles, 3 grams of water are stored.

Complex carbohydrates are probably your best option, but what’s more important is not to change your diet too much. This isn’t the time to be messing around! Remember, some carbs like fruit and fruit juice can cause diarrhea in some people. Stick to what you know!

Don’t want to eat more carbohydrates all week long? The most important time period to consumer carbohydrates is the 3 days leading up to the event.

Happy carbing!

Punkin Oats & DYKT #6

Yup, you guessed it: pumpkin oats for breakfast! Again.

pumpkin oats

Today was my usual oat combo plus Amazing Grass powder, cottage cheese, pumpkin, walnuts, and peanut butter.

pumpkin oatmeal pb on oats

And coffee 🙂



Did you know that kids who are moderately overweight shouldn’t be put on a diet?

In our obesity-centric world it’s easy to think that anybody who’s overweight should automatically be on a diet. kids are a different story. They’re still growing, and more importantly they’re still in their formative years- both physically and mentally. Putting a kid on a diet can have lasting effects on their self-image & self-esteem.

Instead, it’s currently recommended to help moderately overweight kids (10-15 pounds) make small changes in lifestyle, such as improvements in eating choices, increasing physical activity, and decreasing screen time. Adding fruits, veggies, and whole grains and cutting back on junk food can help improve diet quality.

The idea is to slow the rate of weight gain- that way as they continue to grow in height, their weight will gradually become more appropriate for their new height. A low calorie diet can inhibit height growth & deprive kids of the vital nutrients they need for development.