{What makes this post rather humorous, especially to me, is that it’s been in drafts for well over a month… insert crying laughing emoji here. #reallife}

So this crazy thing happens every summer where I decide that not arranging childcare is a good idea and that I’ll totally be able to stay on top of all my work and still have the adventure-filled summer that being self-employed and working from home allows.

summer baby

And then real-life happens and hits me in the face.

I like real life, so that’s ok. But it means if I still want the “fun with my kids” part of the summer, something has to give. And that’s usually this space here. See, it doesn’t affect anybody but me whether there’s new stuff happening here, so it’s the first thing that gets dropped when I need a little more “life” part of the work-life balance thing. But it’s killing me that the last post sitting up here is a dumb one about not being able to make decisions. So here’s this one instead; the one that says new content will back in September-ish.

brothersbrother love

Not a promise, just a probably.


Until then, you can still find me and our gluten-free, dairy-free eats on Instagram, and our unedited, behind the scenes, real-life on Snapchat.


Happy rest of summer.