The faint aroma of coffee alone is enough to awaken my senses, take a load off my shoulders, and put a smile on my face. Put the words “coffee flavored” in front of almost anything, and I’ll devour it.

I simply love coffee & anything coffee related.


My obsessive love of this beverage is definitely not hereditary- my mom almost gags at the thought of the stuff. She’d probably hold her breath if she had to enter Starbucks for a cup of tea.

Well, I’m staying with my mom this week, and therefore I’m coffee-less. It looks like I’ve indulged in one too many 2 o’clock treat receipts & gotten used to the full pot of coffee in my kitchen in the morning. A few days sans coffee and I have the early afternoon faint head throbs & malaise- my body’s subtle way of telling me I’m in coffee withdrawal.


It kind of snuck up on me- I like coffee for the flavor, not necessarily the kick- but being at home & working in coffee shops has upped my intake without me realizing it.

I think it’s time for a caffeine intervention.

coffee grounds

How to cut back on caffeine:

– Mix coffee 1/2 regular & 1/2 decaf (I used to do that til the husband started drinking coffee…)

– Make the 1st cup regular & any other cups decaf

– Drink espresso not drip- (Did you know espresso has less caffeine than regular coffee? Crazy.)

– Watch out for other sources of caffeine: soda, tea, chocolate, Excedrin, etc.

– Drink water! (Helps combat headaches!)

– Do it slowly….oops, think I’ve already skipped this step 😉

(Just FYI 200-300mg/day is usually what’s considered “safe”)


Are you a coffee addict like me? Any tips to add?