Want evidence of full-force mommy brain?

I titled a post “Pumpkin Spice Latte: Hot & Iced”.

And then I only showed the hot.

Which is ironic because it’s the iced that I’ve been sipping on daily. Pumpkin spice may be back, but it’s still summer here.

So here’s the iced.

iced pumpkin spice latte

Same method as the hot latte, but made with the pumpkin milk mixture chilled and served over cold double-brewed coffee.

The secret to delicious iced coffee? Coffee ice cubes. One of those things that’s so simple, yet no one ever thinks of it. Me included. But when I do remember, it’s on point.

coffee ice cubes

I like to make my coffee ice cubes with mostly coffee and a splash of almond milk so it doesn’t throw off the coffee-to-almond-milk ratio when they melt. I guess you could call me anal.


This particular iced coffee blend is half double-strength coffee, half pumpkin spiced almond milk. I don’t usually sweeten my drinks, but I prefer this one with a splash of maple syrup or Torani Hazlenut coffee syrup. The hazelnut flavor is perfect with the cloves and cinnamon. Mmmmmmm.


Hint: use mason jars to make your iced coffees and you can make them all at once and store them in the fridge for the perfect grab-n-go treat.


Optionally topped with vegan maple whipped cream.


Also optional? Making a giant mess.


I was trying to make a third jar of iced coffee to even things out. Didn’t go so well. Oh well.

Coffee Talk

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