When you can’t run, what’s the next best thing to do?

Read about running!!

I have this funny quirk that makes me think if I read about something, I’ll automatically be good at it. (Remember “homework osmosis” by sleeping with a textbook under your pillow?)

Using that theory, when I hit the pavement again, I’m going to be a lightening fast ultrarunner!! (Right?!) If only that actually worked!

born to run

I’ve finally read what’s been called the greatest running book of all time. They weren’t lying.

I don’t even know where to start- it was inspiring, educational, and thought-provoking.

In case you aren’t familiar with it, Born to Run takes a look at a people called the Tarahumara– a tribe of Mexican ultrarunners. By observing this fascinating group of super athletes that eat 100 mile runs for breakfast, our technology-driven society can learn a lot.

The Tarahumara run in leather sandals that can hardly be called “shoes”, eat ground corn flour & ch-ch-ch- chia seeds….and don’t get tired or hurt.


What, no Nike? No Gu?

After reading this book, I’m ready to toss my Nikes and Gu too. Ok, my Mizunos and Clif shots.

Barefoot running is everywhere these days. I used to think it was just weird. Why would companies spend millions of dollars designing the ultimate runner shoes, when the the best choice is to ditch them all together?

Well, yet again, nature wins. The same way we were built to eat natural, not-overly-processed foods, we were built to run the way nature intended.


Did you know 8 of 10 runners are injured every year? I’m obviously one of them.  Running shoes, apparently, don’t ‘defeat ailments’, as quoted from Born to Run. Shoes block pain, not impact. Interesting.

Research on running shoes has turned up zilch: even the best, most expensive shoe does not correlate to fewer injuries. In fact, the more cushioned a shoe is, the less protection it provides. I guess I’m a sucker for advertising, since I’ve been programmed to think the opposite. 😉

I’ve only just scratched the surface of this book. You’ll probably be hearing more about it in the near future as I go back through my dog-eared pages. 🙂

Have you read Born to Run? What did you think? What’s your favorite running book?