Last year I participated in an event that was unlike any other. It was a physical event, yes, but one that went way beyond that. It didn’t matter how far you could run, how fast you could cycle, or what kind of shape you were in. It just mattered that you cared.

24 hour bike ride

Of course, it didn’t hurt if you could handle cycling for a couple hours. Ok, more than a couple. Try 24. 24 hours of cycling.

At first I thought the idea was insane. But after lying in my tent at 3 in the morning, covered from head to toe in sweat and dirt, wondering if I should go back out for another loop, I realized it was anything but crazy.

camping out

It was a lot of things:

It was a race event I could do even though I was injured.

It was spending time with family.

bike ride volunteersbiking with family

It was hearing amazing stories of victory and accomplishment, both in life and athletics.

It was watching off-road unicyclists lap you over and over.

off road unicycle

It was lots of food. Lots and lots.

bike ride dinnercarbo loadingcycling fuelbooty food

It was a lot to pack for a bike ride.

packing for bike ride

It was meeting new people.

It was camping out all night by myself.

bootyville bike headquartersIMG_7184

It was 100,000 degrees.

It was challenging.

challenging bike ride

It was rewarding.

cycling accomplishment

It was an absolute “I have to do this again” event.

So we are. My mom and I are tackling the 24 hour bike ride again this year.

mom and daughter bike team

Only this year we’re coming to the home of 24 Hours of Booty- to the infamous Booty Loop in Charlotte where it all started 9 years ago.

And this time the husband’s joining us! He has no idea what he’s getting himself into. Winking smile

24 hours of booty team


<—our team this year







24 Hours of Booty is special because it supports cancer; a horrible disease that has affected way too many people. The Charlotte event supports the Lance Armstrong Foundation, The Brain Tumor Fund of the Carolinas, and the Keep Pounding Fund, established by former Panthers’ coach Sam Mills and player Mark Fields.

Want to support the fight against cancer? You can donate to 24 Hours of Booty here, or you can have a little fun and play a game of cancer tag that has absolutely nothing to do with 24HOB, but raises cancer awareness which is just as important. Play tag4cancer on Twitter!


You can also sign up for an online account with the Bee Well for Life program– every mile you log, whether swimming, cycling, or running- results in a donation to an emotional support program for those affected by breast cancer.

Track your training and make a difference- it’s win-win!