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Move over boring old gym – alternative workout and boutique fitness crazes have been popping up all over the nation. One of the ones I’ve had my eye on and been the most excited to try is Orangetheory Fitness and luckily it’s not just for big city dwellers anymore – it’s coming to the Triad!

About the Orangetheory Fitness workout:

Get ready for the most effective workout you have ever experienced. The intensity is based on your heart rate, so Orangetheory Fitness is for anyone – whether you are new to fitness or a professional athlete. Each class is different, and every session is energetic. The results? More energy, visible toning and extra calorie burn. We call it the “Orange Effect,” and it is the x-factor to a totally new you.

Orangetheory Fitness uses the science of Heart-Rate Based Treadmill Interval Training, the efficiency of Indoor Rowing for increased power and the proven concept of Weight Training Blocks to create the fitness level and body you have always desired. Workout and Weight Loss plateaus are a thing of the past…really!

what you need to know about orangetheory fitness

Orangetheory Fitness Greensboro is opening this summer! I had a chance to interview the owner Tom and here’s what he had to say about OrangeTheory and what makes it different.

Me: What should a client expect at their first class?

Tom: Every person who walks through our studio doors should expect to be greeted by one of our friendly staff members. We love meeting new people and we want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable in our studio. All first-time visitors to the studio should plan to arrive 30 minutes early so they can get fitted for and entered into our OTBeat heartrate monitor system, fill out the required paper work and to learn the basics of the workout. Before class starts. Participants will put on either a chest strap with our OTBeat heart-rate monitor or our OTBeat wristband heart rate monitor that can track your heart rate and progress throughout class. During class, participants workout to upbeat music and will be led through a variety of exercises by one of our professional fitness coaches. The coach leads the class through a motivational series of high-intensity interval training exercises on the treadmill, water rowers, with TRX straps and free weights. One thing we repeatedly hear from our members is how much they love being led through the exercises and not having to fumble through a gym with scary equipment on their own. The coaches make the whole workout easy to follow and fun! Just show up, follow their instruction and be done with your workout in one hour! After the workout, participants receive an email summary showing their performance and statistics from their workout, which helps monitor progress and results!

orangetheory fitness

Me: What do you need to wear or bring to class?

Tom: We recommend wearing comfortable workout clothing that you can move around easily in. It is required to wear close-toed shoes for safety reasons. We also suggest bringing a water bottle to stay hydrated as well as a sweat towel if you want one. We have water bottles and sweat towels available for purchase in case you forget! We provide lockers to store any bags, jackets or other items. Our studio will also have showers, so participants are welcome to bring any shower items they desire to use after a good workout!

Me: Is Orangetheory Fitness scalable to different levels?

Tom: Absolutely! We routinely train all fitness levels. One of the main things that makes Orangetheory Fitness so unique is the individualized attention our expert trainers provide members with. They work with members and guests of all ages, sizes and fitness levels to maximize each workout, while also having fun. Yes, working out can be fun! Our workouts are designed to give all participants a great workout, but we always encourage everyone to go at a pace they feel comfortable with. The technology we use in the studio helps both the participant and the trainer monitor performance throughout each class, so participants can see their heart rate and calories burned in real time and adjust their intensity accordingly as needed.

Me: Are there alternatives/modifiers for injuries or different fitness situations?

Tom: Yes! Every exercise we do has an alternative. Our smaller class sizes allow our expert trainers to closely monitor each participant’s form and assist them with any adjustments that need to be made. At some of our other studios, we have members with knee, back and hip trouble and they are still able to get a great workout with the adjustments and guidance provided by our trainers. We simply ask that any injuries or special situations be shared with the trainer ahead of time before class starts.

orange theory fitness greensboro

Me: What will your local package options be and will you have childcare options?

Tom: There are several different membership options and class package options to meet anyone’s needs. From now until our grand opening, we will have special discounts for our Founding members, so come lock those in soon before they’re gone! We do not have any long term commitments; we just have a 30-day notice so you can adjust the membership that works best for you. For specific details, please stop by our studio preview location in the Westover Gallery of Shops or give us a call at (336) 346-2977. We do have childcare discounts worked out with some great local drop-in childcare locations! We will offer several classes during the day for parents of school-aged children, as well as evening and weekend classes, so everyone can come get in the Orange Zone when it’s convenient for them.

Me: What made you choose to open an Orangetheory Fitness?

Tom: My wife joined as a founding member in Phoenix Arizona, and she encouraged me to take a class. We have both been in the medical industry for our whole careers and we really appreciated the science behind the workouts and how effective they were. It is our goal to help change people’s lives for the better, and I love that Orangetheory Fitness allows us to do that. I’m amazed by the science and research that has gone into developing these workouts and I’m inspired by the stories of members and trainers from other Orangetheory Fitness locations across the nation. We are excited to officially open our doors in Greensboro soon!

orangetheory fitness

Me: What makes Orangetheory Fitness different from other group exercise classes?

Tom: First and foremost, the science behind the Orangetheory Fitness workouts makes it so much more than just another group exercise class. The workouts change every day and are specifically designed to give each individual maximum results all in just 1 hour. The technologies we use take all the guesswork out of working out. Secondly, our studios are committed to our members and our communities. We engage with members through in-studio programs and contests to make our team feel like a family and to invest in their lives beyond a one-hour workout. We also feel passionately about being a part of our towns and cities, and we often attend local events and festivals, where we love to see our members out and about. We plan to get involved with local nonprofits and silent auctions as well to give back to our community.

Me: What do you hope clients get out of it?

Tom: a. First off I hope members will achieve their personal health and fitness goals, for some people that means weight loss and for others it’s toning up, improving their endurance or gaining strength. Whatever it is, we’re excited to meet people where they are and work with them to help them reach their goals. It is all about changing habits and creating a healthy life style.

b. I also hope members develop a routine where they enjoy the camaraderie with other members and really look forward to the time they spend at Orangetheory Fitness. It’s important for me that members see us as their allies to cheer them along, push them in classes and celebrate with them as they succeed!

Me: How often do you need to go to class to get the most benefit?

Tom: We recommend attending at least three classes a week to see maximum results for most people. If weight loss is the goal then we like to see our members three to four times per week. Classes will be offered seven days a week, so there’s lots of class time options to choose from.

Me: What is your opening date?

Tom: We are planning to open in the end of June or early July 2016, but stay tuned for an exact grand opening date and party details!

For more information about Orangetheory Fitness Greensboro, feel free to stop by our pre-sale location at 1410 Westover Terrace, suite 100 B or give us a call at 336-346-2977. We’d also welcome you to visit our website or


I can’t wait for the Orangetheory doors to open – now who’s coming with me?!

Grow Your Nutrition Business!

Attract more clients, streamline your strategy, increase your efficiency, put your marketing on auto-drive, and get back to LOVING what you do. –> This post is for my RD, RD-to-be, and other health professional friends that run or want to run their own nutrition businesses:

Grow your nutrition business

“After my first year in private practice I was burnt out, over-worked, and not very successful. Because I wasn’t connecting with my ideal client I didn’t feel like I was making an impact. Once I found my niche, I increased my clients 5x that year.” Erica Julson shares her 3-step action plan for finding your niche without pigeonholing yourself at the upcoming RD Entrepreneur Symposium.

Like many of us, Rachael Hartley was scared to only market to one target audience. “I was afraid to alienate someone that would want to work with me. My ideal client was anyone that would pay me. But now [that I know how to talk to my ideal client] I feel less stress, I provide better services, I command a higher price, and I feel fulfilled.” Rachael shows you how to use your unique voice to attract clients you actually want to work with.

Tell me, does this sound familiar? …

You’re frustrated with spending hour after hour marketing and putting yourself out there only to hear crickets. You thought being an entrepreneur would be fun & freeing, but you’re working more hours than ever for little return.

You’re hustling like crazy but still not booking clients. You’re throwing all your time and money into building your brand & following (and trying to be everywhere on social media!) but you’re just not making headway.

You feel like you’re doing everything right, but just can’t land enough clients or fill your group programs. You’ve read every tutorial and grabbed every freebie out there, yet you’re still unsure how to attract your ideal client and focus in on (or even choose) your niche.

Or maybe you already have a booming business, but you want to take it the next level.


What if I told you it didn’t have to be like that?

We’ve all been there. But you don’t have to feel stuck trying to grow your nutrition business.

Instead of spending more valuable hours Googling and Facebooking trying to figure things out on your own, see exactly what other wildly successful RDs & health entrepreneurs are doing to keep their businesses steadily booked without working 60 hour weeks.

Where? —>  The RD Entrepreneur Symposium

RD Entrepreneur Symposium

What’s better than the advice of one expert?

The advice of NINETEEN.

In this symposium you will learn from 19 experts that are walking the walk. They are running 6-figure businesses and still have a life on the side. They have virtual practices, traditional practices, and completely nontraditional careers. They’ve got their marketing on auto-pilot, clients on waiting lists, group programs that practically run themselves. These are the professionals that are doing it right and they’re going to show you exactly how.

RD entrepreneur symposium speakers

In this series of 19 expert sessions you will learn how to:

  • Magnetically attract clients instead of waiting for them to find you
  • Implement the most efficient strategies to grow your business while you sleep
  • Identify what sets you apart and stand out from the crowd
  • Stop second guessing yourself
  • Put an end to your fear and take action
  • Position yourself as the expert that you are
  • Excel in your niche
  • Minimize your workload and maximize your income

Earn 16 CPEUs from the comfort of your own living room and walk away with a value-packed action plan. Join the discussion group, sign up for an accountability partner or mini-mastermind group, and stop going at it alone. No more banging your head against the wall in frustration or watching potential clients slip away because you didn’t have your systems set up right.

Sign up now!

Symposium Square Logo White Background

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the expert sessions:

Taking Action to Find Your Niche: How becoming an expert can grow your practice, plus a 3-step action plan to do it without pigeonholing yourself.

How to Talk to Your Ideal Nutrition Client: Using your unique voice to attract the clients you actually want to work with and how to market to your perfect client.

Know Your Worth: How to set your rates (with specific industry standards) and when to say no.

Make More Money in Less Time: Productivity tips from a 6-figure, 3-day-a-week dietitian & business coach. How to manage your business more efficiently in order to see the growth in scope and income you’re looking for.

Taxes for Dietitians & Health Entrepreneurs: the nitty gritty of exactly what you can and cannot deduct and how to use your finances to assess your business in order to propel growth.

The Importance of Multiple Revenue Streams: 5 ways to earn money in your nutrition business.

Need tech help? We’ve got you covered: learn how to use your website to find paying clients, how to set up a high-converting email automation campaign, and make sense of all things sales funnels & CRMs.

Plus the secrets to building a private practice – a step by step guide from setting a foundation through all the legal stuff.

“I don’t think there’s been a better time to be a dietitian in private practice,” shares Erica Jain, the CEO and co-founder of Healthie, an electronic health record platform.

I have to agree with her. There’s been no better time to take your career into your hands as a nutrition or health professional. But I get it. It can be scary, overwhelming, and at times extremely frustrating.

Symposium Square Logo White Background

Visit DietitianHQ for free resources for growing your nutrition business.

Introducing: The RD Entrepreneur Symposium

Are you a fellow RD/RDN or nutrition or health professional that runs or wants to run your own business? This might just be what you’re looking for to get your business booming. 

Well hey there! I wanted to share a little {ok, not so little} project that I’ve had up my sleeve: The RD Entrepreneur Symposium for dietitians, soon to be dietitians, and other health-based professionals that run or want to run their own businesses. Whether that means a brick and mortar private practice, a virtual practice, an online group program, or simply a way to broaden and diversify your income, this is for you! RD Entrepreneur Symposium

It’s created BY dietitians FOR dietitians. Nowhere else will you find the guidance to grow your business, attract more clients, and increase your revenue without increasing your work hours, all designed specifically with dietitians and healthcare providers in mind. No more trying to extrapolate what you learned from a blogging course or a business guide and apply it to nutrition and dietetics.

I’ve pulled together more than 16 experts – from six figure dietitians to marketing gurus to tech experts – to show you exactly what they’re doing to be so successful.

RD Entrepreneur Symposium features

There are 4 tracks, each packed with expert sessions:

  • The Ins & Outs of Growing Your Private Practice
  • Attracting Clients & Excelling in Your Niche
  • Mastering Your Efficiency & Increasing Your Revenue
  • Using Technology, Telehealth, and Systems to Grow Your Business

{See the full session list}

And since it’s a virtual symposium you get to attend all 4, no picking and choosing.

Each expert session comes with actionable steps you can implement right away, plus a workbook to put it all together and a private community for support and interaction with the speakers. There’s an opportunity for accountability partners/mini-mastermind groups as well, because when we support each other, we all win.

Although the material will initially be released over 4 days starting March 14th, you can watch or listen from anywhere, whenever you want.

expert sessions for RD entrepreneurs

So what will you get out of this symposium?

By the time it’s over you will be able to:

Magnetically attract clients  – no more hunting them down. What’s more, they’ll be the right fit for you – increase retention & referrals and cut down on no-shows and dropouts.

Put your marketing on auto drive and literally book clients and sell programs & services while you sleep. Sales funnels, CRMs, marketing automation – we’ve got you covered.

Use your unique voice to stand out from the crowd. There are a whole lotta people out there running health and nutrition programs. Make people pick YOU as their personal expert.

Stop letting fear hold you back. You’re in a field where you can literally shape your career and your day to day life to look like anything you want, so do it!

Plus more: conquer your taxes, know your worth and set your rates, build multiple revenue streams, and use technology to streamline your systems and telehealth to grow your business.

nutrition business action plan

Registration opens soon – get yo’ self on the VIP list to be the first to know when it opens!


{And I promise this space won’t turn into all-symposium-all-the-time, but I just won’t be able to help mentioning it over the next few weeks, so hang in there if you’re not in the nutrition/entrepreneurial world. I promise there’s an end in sight.}


nutrition entrepreneur symposium

Check it out here –> The RD Entrepreneur Symposium for Nutrition & Health Professionals

The Program That Can Take Your Blog from Womp, Womp, to Thriving Business

Ok guys. This is a long one. BUT if you’re a blogger, an entrepreneur, an online business owner, or want to be any of those things, it’s a must read. And it’s not about me. It’s about my mentor Melyssa Griffin who is an absolute rockstar.—>
Three years ago, my friend Melyssa Griffin was struggling to grow an audience.

Posting 5 days a week on her blog and baaaarely making enough money to get by.

Today, she has a *thriving* business with over 90,000 email subscribers and multiple online courses that regularly bring in over 6 figures per month. (Yep. Per month.)

So the big question is — how did she make such a huge shift in just 3 years?

Ok — storytime. 🙂

Back when Melyssa was running a web design studio, her strategy for getting new clients consisted of 2 things…

1. Posting on her blog regularly to let people know they could hire her.


2. Posting on social media regularly to let people know they could hire her.

And the results?

{Sound familiar?}
No one messaging her to say, “Omg, I need your help!”

Maybe a couple likes from her family and best friends.

But no new clients.

She thought, “What’s the deal?! Aren’t people interested? How do others have wait lists of clients and I have zilch?”

Turns out, she was trying to grow her audience in the wrong place.

Eventually, Melyssa got herself an email list.

(Even though she’d been hearing about how important email lists are, she’d been putting it off because she “didn’t feel ready” to start one).

Then, despite the fact that she *still* didn’t feel ready…she sent out her first email to the few people who were on her list at the time (around 100 subscribers).

She didn’t talk much about her business or web design studio. But she did include a little image near the bottom, letting people know she was accepting new clients.

From that one email (and the tiny, easy-to-miss image inside), she got TWO clients!

(She also got several responses from people who just loved the email content itself).

So, Melyssa started to realize… she could post a photo on Instagram and get no clients and simple comments like, “nice photo!”…

…or she could simply send out an email to her list every now and then and get clients + authentic engagement. No brainer!

Growing and engaging with her list directly resulted in more clients and customers.

Now Melyssa’s email list has played the starring role in turning her blog into a million dollar e-course business. (You read that right. She crossed $1 million this year.)

Now, I know some of you out there are thinking, “That’s great for Melyssa. But I don’t have the first clue on how to build an email list, let alone make money from it!”
There are so many excuses and reasons for putting off our goals and settling for careers that make us dread days that don’t begin with the letter S.

But this life is the only one we have. And the struggles we’ve been through in the past (or even in the present) do not have to define what we do or feel tomorrow.

So, if you’ve felt that passion to start your own online business or create a profitable blog, then I URGE you to stick with it, even if you haven’t yet achieved the success you’ve hoped for.

Yes, it’s possible. Even with…

…A full-time job.

…A family and kids.

…A small budget.

…Fear that things may not work out.

…A lack of self-confidence.

Melyssa’s passion is now helping people just like you to create profitable blogs and businesses that allow them to live the lifestyle they want, no matter what they’ve been through or where they are right now.

And that’s why she created Blog to Biz Hive, which is NOW OPEN for enrollment – but only until Monday! 

BBH is Melyssa’s flagship program, which is designed to show you how to grow your blog’s traffic and email list, and then leverage your audience by launching a profitable online course.

And oh. my. goodness.

She goes ALL OUT in this course.

Over the years, Melyssa has tried just about every strategy to make money as a blogger — ads, sponsored posts, one-on-one services, selling physical products, and more.

But she’s found that e-courses have undoubtedly been the most profitable, least time-consuming to create, and most fulfilling. Not to mention, they’re the perfect monetization method for bloggers.

BBH is an extensive online course that shows you a proven, step-by-step process for finding your focus, growing your audience, and monetizing your blog with a profitable e-course.

The thing I love about Melyssa is that she has a fun teaching style where she’s able to break down complex ideas into simple, easy-to-follow steps. (Her thousands of students would probably agree!) And there’s lots of hand-holding to make sure you get results.

This program can be absolutely life-changing for your business, and I don’t say things like that lightly.

So if you want finalllly go from working your tail off with little return to getting kickbutt results from the get go, I highly urge you to sign up for Blog to Biz Hive before you miss your chance. It’s been SIX MONTHS since she offered it last and I don’t know when it’ll happen again.

Of course, feel free to ask me questions, but don’t wait too long to take that action you know you want to! Investing in yourself is the best way to get your business thriving.

Update: Oops, you missed it! Enrollment is closed. BUT some of her other courses are still open – and just as valuable to your thriving blog or business. Check them out:

Pinfinite Growth: Infinitely grow your traffic and email list with your new secret weapon: Pinterest

List SurgeGet 1,000 new email subscribers in the next 90 days with strategic list-building methods for bloggers and entrepreneurs

Social Media Superhero: Game-changing strategies so that you can grow your community and authority on social media


And psst. just so we’re clear: those are affiliate links!