{I had to add the wink wink because surely you wouldn’t click on post lamely titled “projects” and coming up with something better is not on my brain’s morning agenda.}

I’m sure it comes as no surprise when I tell you we have a ton going on {mostly empty blog space, anyone?}. What with moving, working from home during the summer with a spunky three and a half year old, and sorting through all the boxes of stuff we’ve been living without for four months {do we really need 283 mason jars? (Don’t answer that)}, it’s been a tad chaotic to say the least. Good chaotic, but chaotic none the less. 

Right now it feels like we have tons of projects going on – painting, floors, unpacking, decorating an entire house, work things, blah, blah, etc. Of course, through it all, there’s been one big project that I’ve failed to mention or even hint at, which makes all the other projects seem a bit more demanding and yet insignificant all at the same time. 

If you follow me on Instagram or FB {which you should!}, you know what’s coming next: 

 pregnancy announcement baby 2

We’re adding one more to our crew this winter {vague much?} and couldn’t be more excited!
More on all that later. 

{All further updates will stay on tinysneakers in case you have no interest in babies.}