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Our noses are running constantly and tiny tears drip out of our eyes, evidence that the early spring pollen has struck again. Tis the season for itchy eyes, runny noses, and scratchy throats.

The pollen may have caught us by surprise yet again this year, but that doesn’t mean we’re giving in that easily. Allergies are no fun and I refuse to let them get the best of us and drag us down when the weather is finally turning gorgeous, so we’re doing everything we can to keep them at bay.


Super clean

Seriously boring, but makes a huge difference. We change all the air filters, vacuum approximately a million times, and wash all our sheets, pillowcases, and blankets in steaming hot water. For once I remember to change the sheets consistently so there’s no time for extra pollen to accumulate. Showers, baths, and hand-washing all the time for everyone, too.

Shoes at the front door.

There’s no way I’m banning going outside, even if that’s where all the pollen is, so shoes are relegated to the front door so pollen isn’t tracked all over the house. Same goes for any jackets or blankets or toys that go outside. The less pollen trekked all over, the better.


Exercise outside based on pollen count.

It’s seriously the best time of year to exercise outside – except for your lungs. Morning walks or runs happen early in the morning and if the pollen count is too high, it doesn’t happen – it’s not worth it. Continuing to exercise, however, is important too, so inside it is.


What do you do to help with allergies?


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