Of course when I heard the topic of Tuesday’s Oprah episode, I immediately set up the DVR to record. “Oprah & 378 Staffers Go Vegan

vegan vegetable love

I’d barely hit play when the show was interrupted by an NBC Special Report. It didn’t matter though- the ideas were already concocting…

The poor, unsuspecting husband chose that moment to walk into the room. I’m sure he regrets it.

Me: “Hey. Oprah’sgoingveganforaweekyoushouldtoo.”

Husband: “Oprah’s doing it? Oh I can totally do that. Sign me up.”

Ok…that’s not exactly how it went. More like:

Me: “Hey…. I’ve got an idea.”

Husband: “What…?”  {He knew it’d be painful for him as soon as I said “idea”…..}

Me: “You should go vegan for a week.”

Husband: “Ha. NO. Why would I want to do that?”

Me: “It’d be interesting to see what you thought about it.”

Husband: “No way.”

Me: “It’s just a week.”

[Enter more protests here. Lots.]*

I’ll summarize. Eventually I got him to agree to go vegan for 5 days, with several stipulations:

– He can quit whenever he wants

– I have to prepare all the food

– He gets served steak, black-eyed peas, and cornbread when it’s over. {I don’t know why the black-eyed peas & cornbread….}

And no tofu.

Challenge accepted. He starts Monday.

barney stinson challenge accepted

* Some of the intermediary protests included:

“That’s for treehuggers.”

“But what if I want to eat out? You can’t eat out vegan.”

“It’s tree-hugging, hippie, granola crap.”

“It’s gross.”

“It’s grainy & disgusting. No texture.”

“No sweets.”

“I like meat.”

“I’m not eating tofu. NO TOFU.”

“Most super hippie-ish thing ever.”

“Tater tots are vegan? Let’s eat tater tots. And pizza. Pizza’s vegan.”

Keep in mind all of this is coming from a guy who’s wife eats vegan 85% of the time and therefore feeds him vegan meals regularly. Read: he should know better!!

If he’s clueless, I can only imagine what other people think. So of course I’ll be documenting how his week goes. He’s thrilled. Winking smile

vegan cartoon

So…send over your favorite vegan –but not hippie, gross, grainy, granola-y, or tofu-y—recipes to add to my arsenal. This meat-eater’s going down! {Ok, not really. I just want him to stop saying it’s gross.}

What vegan or vegetarian stereotypes or kinds of resistance have you heard?