Back to school, back to school, to prove to dad I’m not a fool…

Yesterday I got a letter in the mail. A letter I’ve been waiting for for the better part of summer.

The back-to-school letter. The one that verifies my son has a spot in preschool and the most important piece of info of all: school starts in September!


This might be the first time ever I’ve been excited for back to school season. Now don’t get me wrong, I hate every second I’m away from my son, but preschool {aka glorified daycare} is the perfection solution for our family. I get time to work and do crazy things like shower and get dressed. You know, things most people do when their kid naps. {Nap is an evil word in this house.} This can better be summed up by this: the summer insanity of trying to fit everything in can end!


But there’s one thing I’m not looking forward to: the surplus of snot. Seriously a day doesn’t go by when I walk past a kid with a runny nose. Sometimes that’s all it is, but most of the time that means colds and viruses get passed around more than the toys do.

In addition, KB has allergies and wheezes, so making sure he doesn’t get sick is going to be extra high on the priority list. When you’re kid’s around other kids there’s no fail proof solution to prevent the spread of germs, but we do what we can.

– Wash hands immediately upon leaving school. {Handsanitizer on the way out.}

– A healthy diet. You probably just laughed out loud if you also have a toddler. Even though feeding time can be battle, KB gets fruits and veggies no matter what. Vitamins and phytochemicals help build a solid foundation for immunity. If you can’t get your kid to eat the good stuff, a kid-friendly vitamin is an alternative.


– Exercise. I don’t really need to worry about this one for Kabes since he never ever stops moving, but I need to make it a priority for myself so I’m not the one bringing sickness into the house.


– Sleep. sleep sleep sleep. The forgotten health holy grail. When you’re trying to cram everything into a single day, sleep often seems like the least important thing to sacrifice. I’m telling you, it’s not. After 8 months of rarely sleeping more than an hour at a time, I can personally attest to that. Before KB learned to sleep I had more colds than I’ve had in the past 5 years at least.


Sleep isn’t just important for adults; it’s just as essential for kids too. KB almost always goes to bed at 7. If he’s realllllllly tired he might go down a little earlier, but for the most part it’s the same time every night. He’s a little unpredictable when it comes to wake up time, but he usually gets a good 10 hour chunk. I know bedtime is bound to become a battle as he gets older, but keeping a consistent bedtime can even help boost brainpower later in life, regardless of the total number of hours slept. Who’d turn that down?!

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