it’s 4:45 on a weekend morning and I’m awake and alert. No amount of wishing and willing is allowing me to go back to sleep. Not because I had something responsible to get up for like working out or actually working, but because it’s the first night in a week that I’ve slept for more than 2 hours straight thanks to a sick kiddo. {He wasn’t sick that long, but nights take forever to get back since he hates them in the first place.} I could decide to do something productive with the extra time but I’d rather sit here with my mug of steaming hot coffee and a few minutes to myself before the chaos of the day starts.

Plus I’m waitlisted for an early morning barre class and I need to be available to constantly hit refresh on my phone to see if I made it in. Yes, for the record, I’m obsessed. I never thought I’d say that about something like Pure Barre but I did a free two week trial back in the fall and quickly became addicted. A single class costs more than my monthly gym membership {which in all fairness is ridiculously cheap}, but I begged politely asked for classes for Christmas and was lucky enough to receive some. I’m not sure what draws me in more: the fact that it’s an awesome workout {once you know what you’re doing} or that the kiddo will now actually go to the daycare that partnered up with them. It took awhile, but now he loves it, which is way more than I can say about the gym and our two and a half year ongoing battle with that. The idea that he’ll go and be happy and I can actually workout somewhat consistently is almost worth the pricetag.

pure barre workout (500x500)

Getting back into a regular workout routine has been refreshing in about a thousand ways, but especially because I’ve started wearing a fitness tracker {Garmin’s vivofit from a Fitfluential campaign} and it tells me all the time how lazy I’m being. Barre classes don’t exactly add a lot of steps but it makes me feel better.

garmin vivofit fitness tracker (500x500)vivofit fitness band (500x500)

Anyways. We move out of our house in two weeks. TWO weeks. I’m mostly sad {nostalgic-ly, not upset-sad…mostly}, but it’s harder to actually feel sad because umm two weeks to pack up everything we own and have accumulated over the past six years and the addition of an extra human being and all his stuff. And the husband will be out of town for most of it. My house went from being as clean as it’s ever been in the history of ever to a complete disaster zone. It’s slightly unavoidable since I’m being a bit ridiculous in making sure the boxes are being packed in some semblance of an order since they’ll be in storage and it could be awhile before we see them again. Eventually I’ll cave in and start throwing kitchen equipment in with office supplies and baby socks, but until then, I have half-packed boxes and piles everywhere.

Aaaand of course I spoke a bit too soon, as the little one has decided he wants to start his day with me too. Still beats his record for the week by a long shot.