Today’s my last appointment with the knee doctor. Not because my knee’s better, but because The Man says I’m done. And by man I mean insurance.

I feel like I’m breaking up with my security blanket.

Every time I go in, I tell him what hurts and what I did, and he tries to fix it. We both know that he can get my knee in fairly good shape, but as soon as I try to run or bike, it all goes down hill. It feels safe knowing when it’s time to run that someone will be there to put the pieces back together.

Not anymore though. I’m on my own. Yikes.

This doctor was different because he used ART as therapy.

monet water lilies

Just kidding. ART as in Active Release Technique.

art info

When I first mentioned I saw this doctor for ART, many of you said ART was magic and provided an instant cure for your injury. Ok you didn’t exactly say that, but you had good results.

While mine aren’t so immediate, I definitely encourage anyone with an injury to look into it as an option.

What is ART?

In my non-professional, uneducated assessment, ART is like a foam roller on steroids. And crack. And heroin. All at once.

The idea of ART is to release the build up of scar tissue, which affects the lengthening of muscles and tendons.

active_release_technique info

It uses the same idea of trigger point therapy to work out kinks in the muscle and tissue. The therapist digs into the trigger point, then has you move that body part to release the tissue. It’s less strange than I make it sound.

active release technique

If anybody is certified in ART and wants to move in with me to be my personal ART-ist, I will pay you in brownies and cookies and cinnamon rolls…

I’m 100% serious.


Have you used alternative therapies for an injury?