Yes, road bikes are all they’re cracked up to be. Unfortunately I had to return my loaned bike yesterday… but not before I had a chance to take it for a spin. Luckily the weather cooperated and it was the perfect day for bike riding.

The verdict? The road bike was significantly more uncomfortable than my hybrid; it was also significantly more fun to ride. Faster, smoother, more reactive- this is why people ride bikes for 100s of miles.

But for now it’s back to the hybrid. Time to focus on running!

When I found out I had a spot in an Olympic-distance tri this May, I wasn’t running at all. I knew jumping back into things too quickly, especially with the motivation of a race hanging in there, could spell disaster for my knee. I decided a 5K at the beginning of April would be my test-run.

If I survived that 5K, I could do the tri. If not, the tri was out.

Well the beginning of April popped up out of nowhere. One day it was dreary, rainy, and frosty; the next it was sunny and all kinds of April. The 5K is Saturday.

I won’t tell you that right now I can only run a mile…


Luckily there’ll be some distractions along the course; a chance to give my knee a quick break. And while my knee’s resting, the rest of my body will be doing the work:

rugged maniac obstacle course

rugged maniac greensboro course

You know, just your typical 5K on a motocross track: crawling through tunnels, climbing 7 ft walls, hopping barricades, forging through a jungle of giant swinging truck tires, crawling through the mud, scaling a cargo net, leaping across floating barrels. Yeah, you know.

rugged maniac adventure race 5k

I’m excited. I was really hoping to jump over a fire pit, but I guess a mudslide will do. Winking smile

run through fire pit

Have you ever done an adventure race or mud run? Any hints on making it through unscathed?