One of my favorite ways to spend a spring morning is sitting outside on the deck with a mug of coffee, maybe a bowl of oatmeal or stack of pancakes, and read in the early morning quiet.

Only for the last 6 weeks, prime spring-time, our deck has been out of commission. {And our neighbors look at me funny if I sit on the front steps in my PJs.} I’ve been missing those few minutes of solitude before the day starts, but it’s been for a good reason.

We’re building a screen porch!

Sort of. We’re screening in our deck and calling it a screened in porch. That’s pretty much the same thing, right?

It’s been a long process. Though we’re not quite finished, the end is in sight!

deck building supplies


old deck


Demo was by far the best part of the project.

deck demo

Walls and rafters going up.

building walls and rafters

Lots of measuring, re-measuring, and cutting. {We only cut one board upside down. And by we I don’t mean me.}

wood cutting saw

We worked hard getting the ceiling up, and almost as hard pulling it down when we realized it was indoor only material. But ceiling v2 {the wood looking one} was far better than ceiling v1 {the white one}.

installing porch ceiling

Finally it was time for painting. And the best part…screening!

screening in prochIMG_2554

After {so far}:

screened in porch progress

We’ve trimmed the outside of the screen since this picture, but still need to put up a new door {it broke during painting}, work on the patio at the bottom of the stairs, and finish the flooring. I vote keeping it wood and putting down a rug. The husband wants indoor/outdoor carpet. Any guesses whose gonna win that battle?

{Hint: it likely won’t be me. I already lost the “paint the house yellow battle” and “paint the ceiling blue like Charleston porches battle”.