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If you haven’t caught on by now, I pretty much live in workout clothes. I shouldn’t admit this, but it’s not only when I don’t have time to change after the gym. Sometimes I put them on first thing in the morning {or half way through the day} with no intention of any kind of workout. I’m at the point, and have been for an embarrassingly long time, that putting on jeans is officially “dressing up”.

This tells you two things. Ok more than two, but two that matter in this post:

a) I love getting new workout clothes

b) I’m a pretty experienced critic

albion fit giveaway

Factor number one was taken care of when Albion Fit sent me some new workout clothing to try out. Point number two was up to me, and judge them I did, both from a workout standpoint and a just-wearing-around-today view.

Here’s what I tried out and what I thought:

1. Go Long Crew with Thumbholes.


Don’t tell me you don’t love thumbholes. You know you do. As do I. This shirt is super soft and light. It’s the perfect wear-to-the-gym-but-take-off-before-you-start-to-sweat-shirt. It’s also “normal” enough looking that it’s not a dead giveaway that I’m wearing workout clothes. Much like the racks at Target, my closet is currently full of bright, obnoxious colors, so I’m really loving this more subdued, subtle tone.


long sleeve workout shirtgo_long_BALLETPINK


2. Optimum Capris


I’m addicted to workout leggings, especially capri form. They’re good whether it’s warm or cold, and they don’t make your ankles look weird with big sneakers the way long leggings do. My drawers are stuffed with dark bottoms, so this light gray shade is a nice change. I love the white waistband and the little hidden feminine pattern at the bottom. My biggest pet peeve with form-fitting pants is seams digging into all the wrong places, which these pants don’t do.


{Excuse my I-haven’t-showered-brushed-my-hair-or-glanced-in-a-mirror bedraggled look- it’s kind of my go-to look these days.}

3. Gown Suit

gown bathing suit

Surprise! Albion Fit makes women’s fitness AND swimwear. I love that it’s not skimpy and revealing. Kind of a throw back to the 40s. Pools don’t open here for another 2 weeks, so I’ve yet to give this the tried-and-true test run, but it’s nice to have an option besides a string bikini in my arsenal. {Although this momma is not ‘fraid of the 2 piece.}

I’m actually really loving this new arrival, perhaps because I’m a sucker for black & white stripes.

black white strripe bathing suit

And does this hoodie not look insanely cozy?

albion fit hoodie

Now that I’ve yammered on about clothing I have and you don’t, don’t you want to know what’s in it for you? Of course you do… it’s your very own go long crew shirt with thumbholes, any color.

Here’s the dealio:

1. “Like” AlbionFit on Facebook.

2. Pin something you like from their collection on Pinterest.

3. Leave a comment letting me know you did, included the link to your pin.

4. Have a party.

Open to US/CA residents only. Giveaway ends 10/13 at midnight-ish.

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Happy virtual shopping. Winking smile