These are my favorite kinds of posts to read, but I never write them. I’m always trying to wait for a “normal” day but those don’t exist. So here’s today, just because.

5:30 Wake up. Swear it could only be 3am and I still have more time to sleep, but no, it really is time to get up. I hear KB up, so I sneak into the closet with my computer to get some work done. Yes, I’m hiding in my closet. It’s rare that KB will wake up and stay in his room so I don’t want to ruin it by walking past his door – then the jig will be up for sure.

6:15 He’s had enough. KB’s standing at the door hollering at me to feed him some pancakes. I consider 6:15 a victory, so I go rescue him. First things first, I make coffee. STRONG coffee. I make gluten-free, dairy-free chocolate chip pancakes while KB simultaneously “helps” and gets into trouble. He’s in time-out twice before the clock hits 7. He’s going through a phase. Ahem. I start some dishes and turn the dryer back on to fluff yesterday’s forgotten clothes.

IMG_5112 (500x500)IMG_4622 (500x500)

7:00 We curl up on the couch and watch Kate & Mim-mim while I scroll through my phone and complete the all-important task of checking various social media outlets. I consider how lazy I’m being but don’t do anything about it.

7:20 Playtime. Put dishes up, fold laundry. Play some more. Pack lunch. Super exciting things.

8:10 K and I get dressed. Another victory for the day and it’s not even 9: I’m wearing real clothes.

8:40-9:15 Preschool drop-off. This kid loves school and it’s one of the few places where he doesn’t put up a screaming crying fight when I leave. I love school too.

IMG_5447 (500x500)

9:15-12 Starbucks. I haven’t been out of the house by myself in at least two weeks. The husband’s been gone for a week and school is closed a ridiculous number of times this month. I order an Americano and work furiously for the next almost three hours. It’s never enough time. Work today means writing a few articles, editing some pieces, and putting the finishing touches on a presentation. My butt doesn’t move the whole time except to pee and my Garmin vivofit is silently scolding me by turning red. Dedicated work time is few and far between; I have to take advantage of every minute.

IMG_5448 (500x500)

12:00 I dash home to let the termite inspector in and grab some lunch before I have to fight a toddler for what’s on my plate. While I shove food in my face I squeeze in some dinner food prep and pack an extra lunch for KB for later in the week.

12:45-1:30 Preschool pick-up. I fully appreciate my adult time, but can’t wait to pick my little guy up. We take advantage of the almost-60-degree-heat-wave and burn some energy on the playground.

IMG_5453 (500x500)

1:55 Naptime. I try to get him down before 2 so I can hop on a conference call.

2:35 KB has other plans. No nap today. I finish my call while pulling out all my tricks to silently distract my toddler that’s bouncing off the walls.

3:45 We have cabin fever {even though it hasn’t really been a bad winter yet} so we head out to a local park to go “hiking”.

I’m pretty writing this next part but I’m going to imagine this is how the rest of the day goes…

5:30-7:30 Head out to a local high school to give a nutrition presentation to the football team and their parents. Fun stuff. Get home just in time to wrangle KB into bed.

IMG_5455 (500x500)

8:00 After sitting in the hallway for a few minutes while KB falls asleep, I silently creep downstairs doing my best to avoid the stairs that creak. I shovel dinner into my face like I haven’t eaten in days, instead of hours. Tonight’s menu:

IMG_4463 (500x500)

Paleo spaghetti squash casserole. I should probably post the recipe because it’s surprising good, and that’s coming from me, an anti-spaghetti squash-er.

9:05 Catch up on an episode of Big Bang Theory with the husband then head up to bed. I read a few chapters of my current book.

IMG_5462 (500x500)

9:45 Zzzzzzzz. #lame.


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