Have you woken up the morning after a long race and thought, “wow good thing I don’t have to get up and do that all over again today, my legs are shot.”

Well, what if you did do it all over again? And then again?

What if you ran a marathon 75 days in a row?

That’s what Terry Hitchcock did. 75 marathons, 75 days in a row.

We’re all running a marathon one way or another. Whether it is staying afloat as a single, working parent, battling a disease or trying to conquer a fear, it all involves a fight. Join Fathom Events for an inspirational story about a man who ran 75 consecutive marathons in 75 consecutive days to raise awareness about the struggle of losing a loved one and becoming a single parent.

Dove Foundations says: “An astonishing documentary – it’s truly a story of endurance and faith.”


See what’s possible when physical endurance and the will of the human spirit unite in MY RUN in theaters March 31st- a nationwide, one-night only event.

Interviews with Terry Hitchcock and his son and support member Chris Hitchcock follow the feature movie, which is narrated by Billy Bob Thorton.

A portion of proceeds from the MY RUN Premiere event will benefit the Livestrong Foundation.

Find out more and buy tickets at Fathom Events.


Are you going to go see MY RUN? What inspirational running movies have you seen?