Just because it looks like vegetables & says it’s vegetables, doesn’t mean it’s only vegetables.

Some non-vegan things are easy to spot. Chicken? Easy. Cheese crackers? Got it. Butter-coated Brussels sprouts? Sure.

Others like to hide their non-veganness in the shadows, like ninjas. Sometimes it’s vegan, sometimes it’s not. Like these 6 things:

non vegan foods

1. Arnold Double Fiber Bread

double fiber bread

Culprit? Whey & nonfat milk.

2. Barilla Pasta Plus

barilla pasta plus

Culprit? Egg whites.

3. Progresso Light Savory Vegetable Barley Soup

progresso light soup

Culprit? Cooked beef. Yeah, not even vegetarian.

4. Morningstar Farms Spicy Black Bean Burger

morningstar farms spicy black bean burger

Culprit? Egg whites & calcium caseinate

5. Green Giant Healthy Weight Frozen Veggies

green giant frozen veggies

Culprit? Enzyme-enhanced butter. Scary.

6. Beer

michelob honey lager beer

Culprit? Filtering process {can use animal products like gelatin or bone char} or ingredients, like honey.

{Check out which beers are vegan or not before you drink here.}

Just goes to show you can never stop reading the label.

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What foods have ingredients that have surprised you?