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Did I tell you what supremely dumb thing I let happen when we were packing up our house and moving out at whirlwind speed? I stopped supervising for approximately 30 seconds and let the box with my beloved Blendtec get packed into our POD instead of the easy access storage unit I could get to at any time. OOPS. That may not sound significant, but for someone who uses a blender 3,495 times per day, that was a huge mistake.

Never fear, my mother-in-law’s well-stocked kitchen included a blender, though I will be oh so happy to be reunited with my own personal powerhouse of a blender when the time comes.

Anyways, today we’re talking smoothies. I don’t know who likes smoothies more, me or the three year old blur that rules these parts. Needless to say they happen a lot around here.

Smoothies are one of those things that sound like a good idea but also sound like a lot of work and a lot of mess, but when it actually comes to making them instead of just thinking about it, they’re a breeze. Over the course of several thousand smoothie-making sessions, I’ve come up with a few strategies that make things super simple. Easy prep, easy to make, and easy clean up.

Here we go:

1. Smoothie cubes. Probably my most favorite smoothie shortcut of all time. I make a giant batch of smoothie “base”, then freeze it into ice cube trays. Once they’re frozen, I pop them out on put them in baggies. Then when you want a smoothie, you can just pull a bag out, dump it in the blender, and you’re done. You can either leave the smoothie as is, in “base” form, or add whatever other ingredients you’re feeling at the time. I typically do a spinach base, then add whatever we have on hand that I’m in the mood for. I’m always in the mood for spinach though.


2. Smoothie bags. Similar to the above, but even less prep: just dump all your favorite smoothie ingredients into individual freezer bags. Label them and store them, then just dump and go. Frozen fruit makes for a great textured smoothie!

smoothie bags











3. Up the protein. I don’t always want extra protein in my smoothie, but when I do, there are a ton of fun ways to make it happen that go beyond your basic protein powder. {Although a good vanilla or chocolate protein powder can add great flavor.} Next time you’re looking to kick the protein factor up a notch, try one of these great add ins:

  • hemp seeds
  • quinoa
  • pumpkin seeds
  • nut butter
  • cashews


4. Make it creamy. There’s nothing wrong with an icy-smoothie, but I prefer creamier bases. This is super easy to do by adding in some plant-based milk. My favorite go-to’s are canned full-fat coconut milk and Silk Cashewmilk. {Have you tried the cashew version yet? It is so super creamy and blends really well. And makes delicious hot chocolate in the winter, which is when I discovered it this year.But it’s too hot for that now; I’ll stick to smoothies this summer.} My son’s favorite is Silk’s dairy-free yogurt, but he usually eats it before I can get it to the blender.

silk cashew milk











5. Easy clean up. I’ll admit, the clean up part of anything is my least favorite part, but it’s super easy to clean a blender. Just add some water into the pitcher with a tiny squirt of soap, then turn it on. It foams up the soap and gets all the gunk off the sides without any scrubbing. Voila, done.

What’s your favorite tip for making smoothie prep easy?

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