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First things first, I sure hope this is true and not an evil, torturous rumor: Starbucks is bringing COCONUT MILK to all of it’s stores this month. Do you know how exciting this is to a dairy-free, soy-free latte lover?! Cinnamon dolce here I come; I’ve missed you so.

Moving on. This winter was predicted to be WAY worse than last year and that’s saying a lot considering we missed about 1,429 school days before November last winter. That being said, we’ve yet to see snow and it’s February. I’m not complaining since the temperatures have rarely dipped into the frigid region. Of course, I wouldn’t mind seeing some at least once. Preferably on a weekend if I’m being greedy.

So in the spirit of maybe potentially having a snow day sometime between now and spring, here are 11 fun treats to get you through your next snow storm. Or some that just have a snowy theme in case we never end up getting that snow. My personal favorite is obviously the beer snow.

Check out 11 Snow Day Treats

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What’s your favorite snowy treat?