I finally caved.

I succumbed to the world of hot yoga.

Why, I have no idea, but I did. I’m not one for heat. Actually, I hate heat. A lot.

For the record, I totally blame peer-social-media-pressure for this one.

Good news? I survived. Did I love it? I’m not sure yet.

But I did learn a few things that nobody decided to tell me before hand:

1. You will sweat buckets. This seems obvious, but really. You will sweat your butt off- almost literally. I sweat so much the dye ran right out of my shorts.


2. It’s like getting a free exfoliation treatment. Any dry or dead skin you have will rub right off. Yes, that’s gross. That’s why no one tells you.

3. Just when you think you can’t handle another second and you’re going to pass out from heat exhaustion, you get to sit down.

4. It has almost nothing to do with your physical ability. The phrase “mind over matter” is no joke in hot yoga.

5. Hot yoga would probably make for good marathon training- the mental part.

6. It takes a big chunk out of your day. Go to studio. Sweat for 90 minutes. Go home. Shower. It’s at least two hours.

7. So doing hot yoga and training for a marathon probably shouldn’t happen at the same time. 2 hours for yoga and a 3 hour training run? Good luck with your social life.

8. The shower after hot yoga might be one of the best of your life. (Second only to the shower after a 24 hour bike ride.)

9. A single slice of orange after class can be considered miracle fruit.

10. You won’t have to pee. Every ounce of liquid inside you seeps out of your skin.

I didn’t say it was pretty.

I think I’m going back…

Have you tried hot yoga? What’s your verdict?