Cupcake LOVE

by Heather

silicone cupcake liners

There are a lot of ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. But hands down, the best way to celebrate is with cupcakes.

valentine's cupcakes

Especially oatmeal cupcakes of the Mama Pea variety.

cupcakes for valentines

Even though a) the husband had already technically finished his vegan week and b) he already celebrated with tater tots, I had one more celebration up my sleeve…

Vegan cupcakes.

Which I may not have mentioned were vegan until after I got the double thumbs up seal of approval. {Hey, a girl’s gotta prove her point.}

Usually vegan things are safe in my house- I know I’ll get to eat them without anyone else getting to them first. This time I may have to step up my game to make sure I get them all.Winking smile

vegan cupcakes

{I didn’t even mess with the recipe this time if that tells you anything- the only thing I changed was using all whole wheat and spelt flours, and half almond butter/half peanut butter. Mama Pea has this vegan baking thing down. For reals.}

Vegan Week Wrap Up

After a teeny bit of persuasion, the husband agreed to go vegan for a week {ok, 5 days} to see what it was all about.

Neither one of us had any expectations as to the experiment changing his eating habits- hopefully just his opinions of vegan foods being weird and gross.

Now that the week is over, I have to say I think we’re both a little bit surprised. He didn’t cheat at all- he asked if everything in sight was vegan {even the OJ}. I think I might have caught him looking at a few labels.

I wouldn’t have been the least bit surprised if his first meal “back” was a big hunk of steak or a pile of melted cheese, but instead he was pouring over restaurant menus, hunting for healthier options.

He quickly learned why it takes me a minute or two {or 100, as he says} extra to read a menu at a restaurant.

We both thought the experiment was over when we went out to dinner last night and he ordered a cheese-laden Mexican dish.

Until later that night, when he lay on the couch writhing in discomfort. I jokingly mentioned his stomach must be revolting from the lack of cheese for 5 days. He agreed all too quickly. Only then did he admit that he’d actually felt really good all week- full of energy and “clean”.

And then time froze. Without any provoking or pleading, or even a single word on my part, he said he might {emphasis on might} go vegan for a week each month. {As long as it doesn’t interfere with his plans for the week.} He liked that making a few small changes to his diet for such a short time made him feel good, but isn’t ready to commit to a full change.

Well, that’s more than I was expecting. Even a few healthier choices a week –no matter what they are- can make a difference.

And cupcake bribes don’t hurt….

vegan baking