One of the things I love most about blogging is sharing things I love & use all the time. Gear, products, resources, etc. Here are some favorites that I keep going back to time & time again.

On Blogging

problogger build a better blog

Improve Your Blog

Hands down the best resource for making your blog better. I didn’t read this e-book until I’d Googled my little heart out and learned everything the hard way. As much as I wished I’d had it right from the get go, it still helped me out immensely as a somewhat-veteran blogger. I still go back to it from time to time when I feel things start to get a little boring around these digs.

But my favorite, all-the-time go-to, is the Blogging Scorecard:

problogger blogging scorecard

The Scorecard for Bloggers is literally a checklist I keep by my computer to give my posts a final run-down. If I’m slacking on anything, I turn to the guide to figure out how to make it right. Again, I wish I had a loooong time ago, but at least I have it now.

“Scorecard” is selling the resource short- it’s 59 pages chock-full of helpful stuff like building fresh content, SEO, grammar, etc.

You can get your own copies here: (25% off til 11/30: code november25)


On Running

Mizuno Inspire running shoes

I used to be a tried-and-true Asics girl, but now I’m all about some Mizunos. I wear the Mizuno Inspire 6’s right now. (And sshhhh don’t tell my secret, but I always buy two pairs of the previous years model at the end of the year online wear I can find them dirt cheap. Usually Road Runner Sports, but sometimes Running Warehouse.)

self massage the stickMy foam roller and I got super tight when I injured my IT band, but slowly my love for the stick took over. I still have both, but grab the stick a lot more. (Plus I have a smaller version that makes for easy traveling.) Read my comparison of the foam roller vs the stick here.

On Biking

pearl izumi tri fly iii bike shoeSwitching to clipless bike pedals was one of the best things I did to improve my riding experience. I love Pearl Izumi’s tri-specific shoes, the Tri Fly IIIs, because, well, they’re great for tri’s. (The one strap closure and pull on heel tap help make for speedy transitions.) I also really like the same company’s Elite II road shoe, but I didn’t buy those myself and would never fork over the money for them on my own. (But they are fantastic.)

Note: Some of these are affiliate links. Some aren’t. I actually love them all & am not just saying so.

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