30 Weeks, Rd 2.

by tinysneakers

I guess it’s true what they say, 2nd babies {and pregnancies} draw the short end of the stick, huh? In all honesty my lack of posting has something to do with the been-there-done-that thing, but mostly because there’s so.much.going.on in LIFE. <3 Luckily I set myself up well for a second kid by not following through with any real baby book or even printed photos after the first year. I don’t know whether to say oops or pat myself on the back for not having to worry about it the second time.

Anyways. Better an update at 30 weeks pregnant than not at all, right? Here’s the first pregnancy update in case you missed it.

I’ve skipped over so much stuff {aka basically everything} that I don’t even know where to start an update at this point, so I’ll just dive in with the most recent stuff.


After a rough first half, I had a pretty good two-week window where I wasn’t nauseous, didn’t ache or feel uncomfortable, and wasn’t wishing I was horizontal {if not asleep} at most moments of the day. But like all good things it didn’t last. I’ve found that if I overdo it one day, I pay for it for the next couple of days – not a far trade off. Still, for the most part, I don’t have any big complaints.

30 weeks pregnant


I’ve tried to stay active as much as possible but I’ve been able to manage a lot less than the first time around. {Perhaps because I’m four years older or have a three year old to wrangle.} I’ve been walking when the weather allows it, alternating between Piyo & 21 Day Fix workouts at home, Pure Barre when I can make it, and prenatal yoga.

pregnancy exercise

Prenatal Care

Up until last week I was at the same practice of midwives I was at when I was pregnant with KB. After mulling it over for awhile, I decided to switch to another practice with midwives at 29 weeks even though that’s pretty late in the game. While I loved my original practice, they were having staffing issues and I was feeling confident about getting a midwife for delivery, which is the whole point. There’s no way to know what will happen while giving birth, but I feel like having a midwife on my side is one of the best things I can have going for me, no matter what needs to happen. So new practice it is. Luckily, the I loved the first midwife I met so I feel good about the decision so far.

baby belly

What’s a little funny is that the new midwife has thoughts on certain situations that are the exact opposite of my old midwife. So clearly no one knows anything for sure.Winking smile But the new practice says that a pre-term birth without symptoms is indicative of it happening a second time, so they’re sneaking in an extra ultrasound to see if there’s any indication I could go into labor early. I’d rather just ignore it and be prepared for anything, but if there are signs that it’ll be too early I guess that’s good to know.

Both midwives supported the idea that food allergies/sensitivities/infant reflux can be hereditary and happen in siblings, so to minimize the chances of having a screaming colicky baby again, I’ve cut out dairy, soy, and gluten for the end of pregnancy so it’s not in my milk from the get go. It may have absolutely no relevance what so ever but it’s still worth it to me to try.

Glucose Testing

It’s a little late in the game, but I just finishing my glucose testing this week. I opted to do a series of finger sticks to check fasting glucose and postprandial glucose after a few meals instead of the standard chug-this-drink-test. I’d rather poke myself a few times than sit in an office for an hour with a pile of artificial syrup in my belly.

pregnancy glucose testing

Big Bro

KB is still super excited about becoming a big brother, and I think he’s going to be such a sweet one. He is, however, starting to get wary of other babies – giving them the side eye and clarifying if they are in fact babies or not.

big brother to be

So there’s that. Perhaps I should get around to getting a nursery together and re-reading a few birth or baby care books, especially knowing full well it could  be sooner rather than later.

Or not.


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