BeQuick with ZQuick

by Heather

This post is sponsored by FitFluential, LLC on behalf of Reebok. They didn’t force me to say anything good. 😉
I don’t know a single runner, casual or elite, that wouldn’t want to be faster.


Getting faster takes hard work. It means training faster, interval workouts, sprints, dedication, and consistency. It can also take technology. Technology like a watch to time your splits or pace yourself, to push yourself harder or to race the clock. It can also mean technology like race car tires.

That sounds crazy and unrelated but that’s what Reebok did. They know runners want to be faster so they looked to something fast for inspiration. What’s faster than a speeding race car? {Don’t answer that.} Reebok looked at the treads of z-rated sports car tires {which are rated for speeds in excess of 149mph} to help inspire the design of the soles of their newest running shoe: the z-quick, appropriately named for its ability to give you speed: they’re designed to “make you unnaturally quick”.

I put the radical claim to the test with for a Reebok-FitFluential campaign. The result? I’m not sure.

Here’s the lowdown: the shoes are comfy. They’re insanely lightweight which I love; no one likes clomping around like a Clydesdale when you’re trying to run, and run fast no less. The toe box {and the whole shoe to some extent} is wide and roomy. A plus for me, though that would steer some away from this shoe.  <– They’re actually made like this by design: when you put weight on your foot, it spreads about 5mm, giving you more contact with the ground. This shoe gives you room to do that.  There’s a sort of sock-like insert around the ankle which keeps the shoe close and snug; again, a plus. But the shoe itself rides a little bit high on the ankle for my liking. I like insanely low cut ankles. It rubs a bit, but not so much that I couldn’t run in them.

reebok zquick running shoes

They’re a nice neutral shoe without much cushion or manufactured support; the type of shoe I like. However, I think these were a little too neutral for me. Though the shoes felt good connecting with the treadmill {little feel of impact}, they didn’t sit well with my knee, making it uncomfortable to the point where I didn’t want to push it.

If I didn’t have longstanding knee problems, I probably would love these shoes, but they just don’t quite work for me. That means I wasn’t able to push long enough to really test their claim for speed, though with their featherweight feel and sturdy traction, I have to believe it would help.

You can learn a little more about the science of the zquick shoes here:

Sound like something you’d like? You can purchase them online or in-store at Finish Line.

Since I couldn’t really put these to the maximum test, here are some other reviews to give you a better picture:
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Have you tried the Reebok Z-Quicks? What did you think – did they impact your speed?

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Chris @ February 18, 2014 at 12:35 pm
Like you, the idea of the ZQUICK is a good one but it's certainly not one size fits all. Maybe a little over-engineered for my taste but I do like the idea of using a shoe for cross training and speed work. Nice job on the review and bonus for being honest - hard to come by in the blogging community. Chris @ Just blogged...Jabra Sport Wireless Headphones Review
Katie March 12, 2014 at 6:55 pm
Thanks for the link love. I agree that the shoe sits high. I also didn't get that inner lining thing. Overall a nice shoe Katie Just blogged...Fabulous Fitness Finds

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