Wheat Berry Ready

by Heather

I finally remembered to make my wheat berries!!! I got these ages ago, and only think of them in the morning when I want to add them to my oats, but they take awhile to prepare so I always just say “forget it!”.  (Wheat berries (or one word- wheatberries) are the entire grain except the hull– talk about whole grains!)

I saw them in the pantry last night and threw them on the counter so I’d see them and remember to get them going before I went to bed.

I made all the wheat berries I had so the whole bunch would be ready and waiting whenever I wanted them. They’re easy to make, just take a bit-o-time.

1. Cover in water- about 3 1/2 cups water for every cup wheat berries. Let soak over night.

2. In the morning, bring to boil, then simmer 50-60 minutes. Add water if needed.

3. Cool & store. Or eat instantly :)

dried wheat berriessoaked wheat berreis

wheat berries

wheat berries


The wheat berries add such a wonderful depth to oatmeal. They contribute the perfect amount of chewiness without making the bowl of oats overly filling. I’m in love! :)

DSCN2015 DSCN2014

I had pumpkin chai oats again this morning, but this time with wheat berries of course. And added pecans on top.


Still with peanut butter of course!


So was that enough pictures of wheat berries for you? 😉

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