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I used to be a pretty spontaneous, not-too-worried about it type of gal when it came to fitness. I tried out for the high school field hockey team having never played a sport in my life. I joined the track team even though I’d never run a mile outside of gym class. I ran a half marathon after approximately 2.3 training runs.

heather of with a side of sneakers

I was an idiot.

It took me until my mid-20s to realize that.

It wasn’t until the doctor told me I could forget about ever running again that I realized just how much I cherished it. Worshipped it. Needed it.

bike ride athlete

Almost 4 years ago my foot innocently started to hurt. Within 3 months, the pain had spread to both feet and both of my hands. It was unrelenting, unmanageable, and undiagnosable.

For 6 months I sat on my butt feeling sorry for myself before deciding to grab life by the reigns and do something about it.

I couldn’t run, but I could bike and swim. I signed up for a triathlon to keep myself motivated to do these sports I didn’t love. I’d figure out the running part later.

running in vibrams

Spoiler alert: I finished that triathlon. I wasn’t pain free, but I’d learned just what I was capable of and decided no obstacle would ever hold me back again.

my first tri

This is my journey, from those early days of pain and beyond. Beyond training to healthy but fun eats, dealing with injuries, and enjoying life with the most precious babe to ever be. Yup, I’m biased. I’m ok with that.

baby boy

About Me

Besides being an athlete-in-the-remaking, I’m a registered dietitian specializing in sports nutrition with a Masters from Northeastern University and a BS from UNCG. I completed my dietetic internship at Johns Hopkins in Maryland where I grew up, but now I’m a southern transplant living in Greensboro, North Carolina. I run a private practice nutrition counseling and consulting company along with being an avid social media user, health writer, and iced coffee lover.

I believe in the power of a healthy diet, but I’m also a realist and food lover- I don’t think anything has to be completely off limits.



You may notice newer recipes/food talk mentioning paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. We aren’t these things strictly speaking, but my son has food allergies {dairy, gluten, and soy}, so we try to keep as much as possible fair game for him.

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